Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 4, 2015

May The Fourth Be With You - 2015

My area is awesome!! We have awesome investigators! This week should be awesome, we have a baptism and we are also going to the temple! The ward is great but wow there are so many things to fix up here with the leadership and with the families and a little drama and just a bunch of stuff, and I'm determined to help make this ward a lot better than what it is right now. (D&C 88:119) I was thinking about it and I was like "wait, why is it my responsibility to have to come here and fix everything, I'm only 19, I'm not from here, why am I expected to do all of this" and the same motto that we've always had came to mind, well, "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?" I have a very specific calling, to invite others to come unto Christ. Invite those who don't know the Gospel, invite those who have once known it and have left it, and to invite every single other member to improve. I'm only 19, I'm not from here, but the Lord has a job for me to do, me in specific, and Im going to fulfill this job with all that I can. I have to make the difference, because if I don't, no one will, if I don't do it now... when will it happen. I love this work so much and I am so proud of where I come from, my past, how I have made mistakes, but instead of falling in them and giving up, using them to elevate and build me to who I am now and who I still have to become. I am so grateful that I am not perfect, because every single day that I trust in the Lord and work harder to be better than I was yesterday I know I can improve, and I can also use these experiences to help others raise up as well. Life is amazing! One step at a time! Love you so much have an amazing week!

*Old area with J and district (my fist district as district leader)
*A good lunch, called carapulcra, with a way cool family baptism of M
*Last night in villa hermosa, with the pension family, some scenery
*Pants ripped moving some entertainment centers with a less active family, one last pic of J from the last pension, and the new area!


Elder Lambson :)

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