Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

I have been transferred, I know you may have thought I was serving in Lima Peru, but they transferred me to Iraq! Haha my new zone is called Las Lomas de Huaycan. Las Lomas basically means "the hills" Its all hills. There is nothing plane at all. Not kidding. The part of my area that is lower down is chill, its super urbanized, but going up a little, all through out the other sectors, its all dirt and hills, and its amazing. Haha I love it. Ive got one week here and I'm already in love with the people and the area. Every day is a new adventure. My companion is from Paraguay, and he is Hilarious. Hahaha, so much funny stuff and cool experiences have already happened in this week. We were walking up a street to visit this way cool family, and we saw a dog up ahead and my comp was like, look, its my enemy. And I just thought he was joking but when we got closer it started barking and I didn't think it would do anything, the dogs always bark, but it nipped me on the back of my leg hahaha. Nothing happened but like it hurt yes, but it didnt go through the pants he just chomped me hard. And to my comp I was like what the heck man and he said "I told you he was my enemy" haha "never give your back to your enemy, be alert" so yeah now I know, never give your back to your enemy haha.

I got the packages from you and the Ward! So cool! Thank you! It was cool that the Ward gave me a little bag of sand and a rock, not like I don't already have enough right? haha just kidding, it is super cool. When I opened it up I was like wow look they sent me rock candy, and I gave my comp some sand in his hand and he tasted it and was like "mmm thats very good Elder.... mmm yummy" I was laughing so hard, then he spit it out and rinsed his mouth and told me that I am a clown. That's what we always say to each other, Eres un Payaso, You are a Clown. Another funny thing that happened, we were up above coming down from a lesson, and we turned the corner and saw a bus down maybe 40 yards and we were like "should we run for it or try waiting for another" We were waiting and then I just went, so we ran down and caught the bus and right as we got on... we looked behind and another one came right where we were haha, "You are a clown Elder" I was laughing so hard. This area is the bomb!

So here is a recap of my mission so far
Campoy: 2 transfers in my training with Elder Balderrama (Argentina)
1 transfer with Elder Moreyra (Peru)
Villa Hermosa: 1 with Elder Jacome (Ecuador)
2 with Elder Barrios (Bolivia) training and district leader
Las Lomas: here with Elder Ferloni

Ill tell you more next week have to go bye! Love you so much!


Elder Lambson :)

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