Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

I hate to admit that I (Kaleen, Kiel's mom) have been listening to the following song (for weeks) and crying, but getting Kiel's letter today made "all this" worth it.  Elder Lambson baptized a young mother this past week.  The change the Gospel will make in her life will be forever!  I guess I can handle Two Years without my boy!   

Two Years by Carli Barlow

Guess what.... I had my first Baptism this week!!! And we gave JB the Priesthood!! Some of the coolest experiences ever! We baptized a girl who is 20 years old named C and she has a 3 year old and a 6 month old who is the cutest little baby ever and she loves me. Whenever we are in lessons or at Church and the baby (Luana) is crying I look at her and she immediately stops and smiles. We also baptized her little brother A who is 9 and he is the sweetest little 9 year old ever. I baptized C and my comp baptized A. It was soo amazing. I am enjoying it here, it is so awesome. 

There were transfers last week and in my Zone, my Comp and I were the only ones that didn't change. And for a great reason. There were some big problems in C's family a few days before we were to baptize them and we were able to help them solve the problems. They are baptized now and it is so awesome the change in there lives. Also we met some new families and other awesome people who want to listen to us this week. I know we both stayed for a reason. One of the Zone Leaders transferred and now we have a new guy in our house Elder Gutierez from Las Vegas. He is super cool! 

I love this, it is so fun to meet so many new Missionaries and make friends and the people we meet and teach. I have met so many awesome people! I love you Mom and I miss you guys but I am loving it here too this is so great and I know I'm here for a specific reason.

Elder Lambson answering our questions in our letter:

I got all of your letters that were at the CCM this week and the Jacket! So awesome!!! I love it and all the notes in the pockets and the world map coin.  Thank you so much! Getting letters is one of the coolest things.

The time goes crazy fast. Every day feels like a week but every week feels like a day. I have already been in the field for more time than I was in the CCM. Cool that Kelly and Rachel are at the house, Go Cougs and Utes. Parker's biking thing sounds cool. The Chargers are going to win the Super Bowl the year I'm not home haha.

Church music is the best! You should look up BYU Vocal point. It is sooo good.

October 5th is coming - Happy birthday Dave!!! And happy resurrection Alex!! Happy birthday mom!! 27 right?

The little kids love candies and chocolates! They love all sweets here! Will you send me some that I can give out at Christmas.

Can't wait for General Conference! Its going to be cool, understanding it in two different languages! I love all of our General Conference memories and now it means so much more to me!! Love you and enjoy! Also there are some awesome Mormon messages that are new. Watch the one with D Todd Christofferson and scriptures.

Love you have a great week!

Elder Lambson :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hi - I hope that everything is going well in the Ward and with your jobs and school. I miss you and I can't wait to see you all again. The people here are super cool. We don't have any baptisms yet but we are getting good numbers in the church and have investigators progressing. The ward here is super cool and they work well with the missionaries.

That sounds fun that you got to have a crazy moms convention haha (SCHS Class of 2014 Missionary Mommas) hope that is going well. 

Did I tell you that some times we listen to Alex Boye? It reminds me of home every Sunday morning haha. It is so weird to think how long that I've been gone, 3 months already. Like I was just barely in NZ and then home for a few weeks now here. I had a great high school run and now I'm here with the people of Peru. Its all so weird to think about. Everything is just a memory, if you think about it, right now you are living in a memory, how weird is that.  Time is one of the weirdest things, seems like it goes faster every year. I will be home before I know it and this will all be a memory. That is why I need to work as hard as I can to bring the people this gospel because it gives our time here worth. We are here to prepare to meet God and every day we learn and progress. I'm so glad for my life and for you guys and for all of my experiences and memories. I dont know just some weird thoughts.

Cool things this week.
-I went to Interpol (I thought Interpol was only in James Bond movies) and I will be a temporary citizen of P pretty soon.
-I can understand almost everything when we are talking with people now. Learning everyday.
-There are 30 different coins to collect here, they have a different one for each region of the country (like the 50 quarters) so its fun when I find those, its hard though, people are really stingy with money like they won't give shiny ones away for change they give you the dirty ones.
-There is a cool mountain region in our area with a bunch of houses up on this hill side and there are some switch backs that reminded me of Hava Su Pai.
-The "snakes" are real haha - Dave knows what I'm talking about
-And one of the most exciting things, I saw a cock fight! Chickens with razors attached to their feet. It was legit.

Any way, I love you guys and I miss you a ton. Spanish is a crazy language and its cool to learn. This gospel is awesome and I'm super happy to be a missionary at this time in my life. You guys are awesome and I hope you are happy. Take advantage of being in America. I love you so much! Choose the right!

Elder Lambson

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014

I need to preface Elder Lambson's letter by saying - I asked him 17 (yes seventeen) questions in my email to him this week. Hey, a Mom's got to have some details.
Here's his reply...

Wow holy questions haha. Okay I will do my best. I still have not received packages from you or grandpa. But I did get one letter from you with the pictures of the kayak.

You don't need to resend the things you sent to the Mexico CCM, I think they will send it with the new Missionaries in a week in the next transfer.

The families that we are teaching are awesome! Some are progressing more than others but its all going in the right direction. No baptisims still but we have rescued 3 or 4 less actives! One of the guys name is JB, he is so cool! He owns a tienda and we got him to stop selling cigarettes and opening up on sundays.

Hermano Hector and his wife Margot are the best, they are our Pensionista. He gives us 3 rolls with cheese and ham every morning for break fast, and Margot cooks an awesome meal every day for lunch (lunch is the main meal here) and it usually consists of rice and some sort of chicken dish with soup too, and then for dinner we usually get this really good yogurt drink with cereal! They have Pensionistas for all of the Missionaries here who cook for us and do our laundry. We go to their house for every meal and visit with them and eat.

The little kids are awesome! There is a little guy named C who is J's nephew and he loves when we teach lessons he always sits next to us and always hugs us and plays with us.

Usually our main means of transportation is walking, with an occasional bus or moto taxi if we feel like it.

The living conditions are very poor. "Poverty" in the United states, is luxuary compared to here. People don't know how good they have it to be blessed enough to live in the United States. It's such a difference in life style.

I'm so happy things are going great for you I hope you're all happy and having fun. I love you and I am so grateful for all of your help and love! Tell Kelly and Rachel and all of my other friends who I don't have the ability to tell right now that I love them and miss them. I'm so grateful for all of my amazing memories because honestly in the end all we have are our memories and the results of the choices we have made.

Thank you so much for raising me as best as you could, you are an amazing mother, I love you so much. Have a great week I will talk to you soon!


Elder Lambson

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hi - Thank you so much for sending the jacket mom you are the best ever. I hope it gets here too. I have light "chompas" (sweaters) that I wear with a long sleeve underneath so it isn't too cold. I haven't gotten any of your letters yet or the photo album. I bet there are some things still sitting at the Mexico MTC until more Elders come to my Mission, probably next transfer. But the other letters should get here soon, it takes about 2 and a half weeks. The other Elders in my casa are Elder Haught and Elder Allred they are the Zone Leaders. They are so funny! Elder Haught might be one of the funniest people I've ever met, he is from Arizona, but I don't know what part. It makes it a lot easier to have them in the house to speak English with and talk about stuff and also they help me a lot with the learning. I'm blessed in my area. This area is awesome. The members are so nice! We only get to eat at members houses once a week on Sunday for lunch. Yesterday this family was saying they wanted me to be at their house for Christmas so they could give me Mountain Dew and Snickers haha.

Its fun being here and serving, we get to do a service project every Thursday and do stuff like help build houses. Last week we got to throw a couch out of a 2nd floor window. I'm beginning to understand a lot more Spanish. Everyday I'm understanding more and I´m able to respond a lot of the time. It is fun having a Zone with all Elders because we get to do more sports. Today we are going to a big grass field to play American football! I'm stoked!

I am staying fit, I work out every morning and I still have abs haha. Most elders say that they're just going to not worry about it and eat what ever until they have 6 months left and then still not do it and go home fat haha. But not me, tell Bubby I'm going to come home ripped haha.

I hope you're all happy. What is family night like with out me there? There are some awesome Mormon Messages you guys should watch. Hope the family is happy. I always like sharing with the families here that the reason I'm a Missionary is because I love my family so much, and I want other families to have that same joy that ours does because of the Gospel.

We had 12 new investigators and inactives at church yesterday! And we have 2 people getting baptized this Saturday! The work is so awesome! And you can do it too! You don't have to be a Missionary to do Missionary work, share this gospel with those who don't have it. Invite people to church with you. I'm so happy for all of the blessings in my life and for my opportunity to share this happiness with others in Lima. I love America and I wish I was there a lot of the time, but I know that I need to be here and being able to see the changes in peoples lives for the better is what makes it worth it!

The church is true. And I love my family. Have a great week :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hi - Thanks for your emial. I'm glad that everything is going well in the ward. Cool that we got some new people. Hope everything is fun. I love you mom and I hope the family is well.

You should read the book ''Our Search for Happiness" by Russel M Ballard, it is awesome. Also you should read the account written by Oliver Cowdrey at the end of JSH.

I am having an awesome time in Peru and things are getting better every day! P day was awesome last week! We played 4 games of soccer and I had 3 goals! The natives were shocked! A greengo scoring goals, what? I have Bubby to thank for that. He taught me everything I know about soccer.

I gave a talk in sacrament this week, it was only 5 minutes I talked about missionary work. It was all in Spanish and the Ward understood me ,haha so that is a good sign. My testimony is growing everyday in Spanish and also in general! The people here are amazing and I want to help them all to have the light of Christ in their lives!

Today for Pday we are going to a huge market to go shopping. Thank you for everything. I love my family so much!!! And because I love my family I want to help all of these other families to have the same love I do because of this Gospel!!

Elder Lambson