Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16, 2015

Went to McDonalds this week, Elder Tadje from Idaho

We cooked with this sweet old lady, she has 3 kids but they all live in the United States, she is alone here so it was fun to spend time with her and cook a dinner. (the little guy is E, he is awesome he always goes on lessons with us)

It was my comps birthday this week

A roof shot

Valentines lunch ( they call it day of love and friendship). Thanks for the plates and decorations mom.

Wow that makes me soo happy to read about you guys and how awesome everything is going. It also makes me happy that people are thinking about me. Joe, Talmage, Bubby haha. I love my family and my friends soo much. This life isn't meant to be spent alone, Im soo blessed to have such an amazing family and such amazing friends. I am loving the mission so much, I am flipping TIRED! Every day all day we are giving it our all, (even P day haha because we are still contacting and go do family nights.) But I am so happy, because I am doing the Lords work. If I didn't know these things were true I would not be working so hard, but I DO KNOW THESE THINGS ARE TRUE and thats why I work so hard! I'm not the best missionary, I don't know everything, but I know if I work as hard as I can and trust in the Lord, that we will find success and happiness. I love my area Villa Hermosa, and my zone is pretty sweet. Me and my comp are getting along great and we are learning so much every day. Peru is legit! And crazy! Every day is an adventure and I am loving it. Soo different, but its amazing to be put in another culture like this and to compare and see the differences of everything, and then to think that we are all children of God and he has a specific plan for every single one of us. I want to share a spiritual message with you guys that my MTC teacher shared with us

"Through our lives sooner or later, we´ll face disappointment or fear , whether something new in our lives or because God asks us to do something which is hard for us, I would like to use a verses to illustrate this. in Matthew 14 :25,26 the master was coming to his disciples on the waters, because they didn't recognize him, they began to fear saying oh a ghost. Through our lives something the master is coming to us but as his disciple we can´t recognize him and then we are afraid. We can´t see beyond of this bad experience or disappointment is Jesus Christ coming to us inviting us to act, helping us to be better. later on Jesus said: Be of good cheer it is I; be not afraid.
When one baptismal date falls through, when we feel tired, when we feel we are doing our best and it seems not to work, when your companion is not so exited in the work as we would wish, when we can't attain our goal, when an investigator says I don´t  want to know any more about your church, when investigators don´t progress as we would wish. Elders and sister I know behind all of this is Christ inviting us to have even more faith, inviting us to strive even more, inviting us to walk on the waters even one step more. After the apostles recognized this ghost as their master one of them said Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water and the savior said: Come. How many of you said sometime ago oh God send me wherever thou want me to go, and then God sent you where you are now. ELDERS AND SISTERS you actually are walking on the waters in this moment, you are walking on the waters you are not as those who stayed in the boat. No you recognized the Lord and accepted to walk on the waters. Now the question is how far I´ll go without sinking. Your trials and challenges as missionaries are like those waves which scared Peter, and which made him to begin to sink. Elders and Sister every day is an opportunity to show to our Savior these waves don´t scare me because I know where I´m going, and then step one more step. When I was in my mission I learned something really important which was every day when I felt most tired I had a thought in my mind which was today I´m gonna have a great miracle for this reason I´m being tested, then I got even more strength and woke up. later during the day I was witness of great miracles that I know I wouldn't have been part of if I would have been disobedient. Elders and Sister the challenges on a mission are only a way to test how prepared we are for future blessing, like always after a storm the rainbow appears in the same way after our trials the blessings will appear.  Go ahead, I appreciate you for your efforts. I pray for you like your families, and I say this in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen."

I thought this message was awesome and it has really strengthen my testimony, I hope it does for you guys too. I miss you all so much, but we*ll see each other sooner than we know. God be with you till we meet again.


Elder Lambson :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Oh yeah thats so weird that the papers didn't get through to you guys (in the package I sent) I put in a note for our family explaining everything (I sent) , and a note for the Jackmans but really weird they didn't make it through. I sent my watch back because, I slipped on some slippery stairs and when I landed the force on my wrist from my hand broke the watch but its an easy fix over there in the states.

Hope Sally (Dave) can keep getting better, sippin on his Tab and watching politics haha. So cool to hear about Parker and that he is actually doing stuff with his life! And its good that Alex is busy studying, Id like to hear more about him and how everything is going, I tell lots of people about Alex and I tell them Im the first missionary in my family because my brother had an accident and wasn't able to go, so I'm out here doing everything for him too. And wow my mom is amazing! I cant' believe the Parade is already here again wow. It feels like no time at all that I was just chillin in those sweet houses saying Hi welcome to The Parade of homes ..... haha. 

So cool how you got to explain the Restoration (to Kaleen's Primary class)! I explain the Restoration every single day! Its amazing! The kids sound so funny haha. 

Some of my experiences this week, we got to go to the Temple Thursday, we changed a tire on a moto taxi, saw a drunk dude get punched in the face by another drunk dude, got marriage and dating advice from a 71 year old Islamic man who apparently still "does it" once a week but not twice because he has to be careful. haha   We did a big service for this family up on the mountain side doing more than 5 travels up and down gigantic stairs with giant speakers tables and bed frames in our church clothes, and taught the Gospel to many blessed people like this one sister who was a reference, that had a dream two people in white were going to come to her house, so cool right. ¡Yo amo Peru! ¡Yo amo la mission! haha so funny and so awesome, what a week. 

Spiritual thought, "Those who don't show their love, simply don't love" -Shakespeare
If you love someone tell them! We have been teaching lots of families to show more love to their families, tell your kids you love them, give your parents a hug, just little things to always be sure that the people you love really know it! I love you soo much!! Have an amazing week! Trust in God and he will deliver you!


Elder Lambson :)

February 2, 2015

Hey guess what.... I HAVE A SON! Haha I'm training a new Elder. My comp is fresh out of the CCM his name is Elder Barrios from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Its awesome!!! I have 7 months experience and I still don't know everything but we are doing great so far! Im loving it. Some great advice that I received was to just act like you own the place, its all about the attitude, don't let this new Elder see any fear in you, because in reality there is nothing to fear, if you put your trust in the Lord he will guide you. I have been a little stressed but I know if I just keep giving it my all, trusting in the Lord, and being obedient to his commandments that we will receive the strength to keep going and endure. Like I said I don't know everything, I'm still learning bastante (pretty much?) everyday, but one thing that I am able to do is show these people how much I love them, and, as a representative of Jesus Christ, show the people how much He loves them too! We'd do anything for the people that we love, and if I want to be able to say that I love my Savior, then I will do His work the way that He intends me to do it..that he intends US to do it! I know that this work is the Lord's and I am so happy to be anxiously engaged in this amazing cause!

Update on some people that we are training, the 18 yr old, that is atheist.... he is really searching hard to find out if God exists has searched in almost every church and with lots of missionaries is really starting to make a change, at first he was really closed to lots of stuff, just kind of a negative attitude, but as we have continued to teach him, be his friend, visit him, and bring him to church with us I really have seen him open up and he is starting to gain a testimony that God exists and that he really does care for him. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and has told us that he has found lots of answers to his questions, it is awesome to see how he is changing as he receives this light. I know it might not sound like much but we always ask him how he is and he would always say eh mas o menos, (so so or ok) but now he is saying bein (good)! Haha. 

Other really cool investigators that we have are two brothers, that are 19 & 13, they are way cool and when we taught the fall of Adam and Eve they were just like Wow, they had never thought about it in that way, that it was necessary for the Fall and that God always has a plan for us, they said it was like getting hit by a car with what they learned.. haha, cause their whole lives they had just thought yeah first sin nothing else, but when we explained the doctrine in the Book of Mormon why it was important and what it means for all of us they were amazed haha. They are understanding everything really well have been to church, and should be baptized this month of Feb, one brother also says he might be interested in serving a mission! 

And another way cool investigator is M who has a date for the 21st to be baptized. He is a dad of 4, they are really poor and live in a small house on the mountain side, he and his wife sew pants and shirts. He is soo cool! He is a slow learner, but when we explain things and he reads them 2 or 3 times he understands perfectly and he loves it. He also loves serving people, always likes to help his neighbors and do nice things for people so he also likes that about the church, he is doing great, he has been to church and is reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon also, we are going to try to teach the whole family too but its kind of hard to find them all in the house at the same time, but with his testimony growing so much I'm sure his family will see it too and see the good that the Gospel brings!
So many other awesome people too but for now those are some of my coolest amigos here. A little bit longer of an email, please pray for them! Especially for F so he can receive an answer!

 I love you guys and miss you all soo much but I'm so happy to be here, I'm loving every second! Grandpa sent me an awesome quote by Russel M. Nelson "Faith is the antidote for fear" And its so true! "..Me gloriar√© en mi Dios, porque con su fuerza puedo hacer todas las cosas.." Alma 26:12
Keep up the great work! I love you!



Elder Lambson :)