Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23, 2015

Well the members are awesome here. I had an amazing birthday week. Tuesday I stayed in my area and one of my zone leaders came to do a division, We got so much food and soda from a bunch of people, we contacted basically the whole day up in this one hill side it was super fun, We also had a lesson with a family (N&J) who had us over and gave us cake and more soda, we had a fun time. Wednesday I was sick all day though cause we ate so much haha, I think what really did it though were the big natural fruit Popsicle, you never know if the water they used to make is clean haha. So yeah I was in bed all day Wednesday but Thursday (my birthday) I felt way better and we were able to leave and work really good.

My birthday was fun. We worked just like any normal day, contacting people, teaching, livin it up. But in the night we had a little get together with some of the ward members that are my good friends. And guess what, me and F have the exact same birthday. So we invited him to come over too it was way cool, We had a small spiritual thought, some games, and cake! They didn't throw eggs at us but they did shove my face in the cake, and then I shoved F's face in the cake haha it was funny. Yep it was a good time. It was a really successful week too. Although we lost a day of proselyting we still got to the minimum of the goals we set and exceeded a lot of them. This Ward has changed so much its amazing, everyone is going out on their visits, doing their parts as members and its just super cool to see the progress and also to be able to be a part of it. Two are leaving this week on their missions, one is A she is awesome, she is one of my best friends in this ward who always helps us, goes on lessons. and is way good at being a friend to our investigators. The other is E, we don't see much but he is cool and they both leave tomorrow so we are having a little get together like what we did for me where everyone comes to say goodbye you know?
I'm losing some of my English haha sometimes I forget what things are called. Everything is going super well, me and my comp are super happy together, we are working hard, we don't have a whole lot of free time, even less now being district leader, but when there is a little time before bed we like to play chess and checkers haha. He has never won but its still way fun. I am enjoying my time and loving everyone, super happy, super chill, everything is going great, and I hope the same for you too! Love you!

A Spiritual thought from from my MTC teacher

Mathew 11:28-30

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I ammeek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light

Thinking in this scripture, I would like to highlight the importance of the yoke. The yoke is a tool which enables two oxen to work together to do certain action in the field. Here in this scripture, Christ is inviting us to come to Him and He says take my yoke because is easy and its burden is light. How can we do the burden can be esay. Sometimes we feel like our burden are the haviest in the world, but as we work hand by hand to he lord we´ll be able to make light our burden. When two owen have the same yoke they need towork as a team because when they don´t do it causes the other have even more weight. There is a story which says. There was a competition where oxen from all the world long came to compete. The competition was which of all of this oxen would be able to plow a field in less time. Many oxen were big and others very trained for this task, but at the end the lesser big oxen were who won. Everybody asked why? if those were literally a monster. The fact was these couple of oxen have been learned to work as a team, better than any others.

To be a team makes the difference. Being a team with our companion, being a team with the Holy Ghost, and being a team with Christ. This is the only way how are burden can be light and is the only way how your investigators will be able to leave their burden. I know this is true and I testify of this in the sacred name of Jesus Christ our savior, amen.



Elder Lambson :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 - Week of Elder Lambson's 19th Birthday

I stayed in the same area! I have the same companion, which means that I am still training.... And I got made District leader :)  Im loving it so much! This has been amazing week! I am busy as can be but I am so happy with the responsibilities that the Lord has trusted me with and I am so happy to be able to fulfill them with his help! There are 8 of us in my district, Me and my comp in Villa Hermosa, the Sister missionaries in Villa Hermosa 2, the Elders from Las Magnolias 2, and the Elders from Las Magnolias 1 (the Zone Leaders) so we are doing super good as a district, 3 of the 4 companionships had a baptism this week and all 4 of us now have at least 1 with a date and progressing. The little guy who we baptized this week is awesome!!  He just turned 9 last week (his family are members but they were less active for a little bit) we helped the family re activate and we also got to baptize Nick! He chose me to baptize him and It was the best! When we were leaving the water up the stairs he was so happy he couldn't control himself and he jumped back in the water to go swimming hahaha I had to reach down and take him out haha luckily the doors were closed so no one saw, but it was awesome to see how happy he was, and now how big of an impact he can be for his family that is just starting to return to the church. 

Its an amazing time in my life right now. This Ward is amazing and I have seen it change so much in my short 3 months and a half here. When I first got here in December, it was just a little under half way full in sacrament meeting every week, but with the hard work and dedication from the Sister missionaries and also from us, the Sacrament room was full this week. Its such a miracle to see how big of an impact the Lord can make when the Missionaries and the Members work together. This Ward is amazing its small but they are dedicated and are going out and making miracles happen, it really has been so amazing to see the huge change in this ward that was just a branch a year ago. I love these members so much they are awesome! And I'm so happy that I was able to stay here another change to be here for my birthday!  They all want to throw eggs at me, here on birthdays they like throwing flour and eggs at the people so we'll see how this goes haha.  I got Grandpa and your birthday packages, I haven't opened yours yet.

The Sisters also had a baptism this week, his dad baptized him. Since I'm district leader now I got to interview him, its fun doing baptismal interviews, they are really full of the spirit, I also got to interview a kid (17) from the other ward that has gone through soo many trials and temptations but has been able to make such a great change. Its an amazing blessing to do the Baptism interviews and be able to help people and feel the spirit so strongly And to add, I really am super happy that Parker is okay, its good that he lived (Parker was in a roll over accident last week, he's ok and so is the driver) so maybe now he can learn a thing or two haha. Tell him to write me more and tell me more stuff and if he doesn't, he is grounded.

So good to hear that everyone is okay, happy and healthy. Love you so so much and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for a family and friends so amazing as you guys are. Have a great week! :)

At a little get together for one of the Sister missionaries who got transferred, and a picture of the Cerro San Cristobal in the center of Lima, I took that picture from our church parking lot before the baptisms. 

I also got to see Elder Haught one last time, he goes home next week! (he came to the Zone to see the baptism from his old area, the kid that I got to interview is an investigator that Elder Haught worked with)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9, 2015

Another amazing week! We had 2 baptisms!! He is 18 we have been working with him since January and he is great! I got to baptisms him in the morning, and then in the night time we had another baptism. He is 21 and just barely got married to a member in our ward this week and got baptized on Saturday then had the reception right after the baptism in the gym of the church! Those are the coolest kinds of baptisms when they get married and baptized because its soo cool to be able to go through that process with them! It was a week full of hard hard work. We had to do so much and it was super stressful at times, but we were faithful, we worked hard, and we were able to reap what we had sewn. Awesome awesome week.

There are transfers today and Im not sure if Im leaving or if I'm staying haha but either way Id be happy. I go where you want me to go dear Lord (or stay where you want me to stay) this has been a cool transfer my Comp is super chill and its been cool being able to training him. If we stay together, awesome. If not no worries. I love every experience that I am gaining on the mission. I love Peru its awesome. My zone is sweet and I have made so many friends. My pension and her family are the BEST , they all love me so much and me too for them. Every night that we come back for dinner they are always there and its like coming home to my family haha they are all so great. La mamita Estella loves the missionaries so much and she does soo much for us. We told her that there are transfers and that I might be leaving or staying. But she started to cry saying she doesn't want me to leave. I love her so much.

The mission is such a great time. I'm loving every day, every experience, good and bad. I am growing so much and just having the time of my life. I don't know where the next transfer will bring me but I know that I'm in Gods hands and I trust in him 100%. Faith is the most important thing you can have, with faith nothing is impossible. I love you guys so much and I invite you to have EVEN MORE FAITH. If you think you have faith have even more and you will see the blessings and the miracles. I love you guys sooo much!

My mamita

Elder Lambson :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

March 2, 2015

I love you so much!!! Haha thats so amazing to hear about that in the ward. I really do love being a missionary and my testimony gets stronger each and everyday, I love the Gospel, I know its true and I know that our Heavenly Father loves us soo much! Keep doing what ever you can to help other people know what we know too, even though some people don't see or choose not to see the love He has for us, as members of the church we can always be a channel for them, through our kind acts and service they can feel just a little bit more of that light and love that they are searching!

This was an amazing week, talking about service haha wow. We went and moved more rocks for that family up in the hillside one day but that was nothing compared to the other stuff we did this week. Almost all of my area is mountains and hills so this week we contacted and helped soo many people carry stuff up the mountain sides. We carried up refrigerators, bags of cement, giant bags of flour, huge 6 packs of 3 liter sodas, boxes of canned milk, this one guy had a concrete sink that maybe weighed more than me haha. 80% of our contacting this week was through helping people carry stuff up the mountain sides to their houses and little stores, and it really is something beautiful. Like this guy with his sink, if we weren't there, there wouldn't have been any way possible to get that thing up by himself, just the little miracles to be in the right place in the right time to be able to help people, and then invite them to come unto Christ, what a great combination right? This week we have 2 baptism scheduled, one is a kid named J who we've been working with since January, he is awesome, he's been coming to church, participating in the activities and everything, he has progressed so much and now is stoked to be baptized this week and really make the change in his life. The other is the boy friend of a girl in our Ward,  they have a baby and they have been together for a long time now but finally this week they are getting married! (you cant be baptized if you're living together, you have to get married or split up), but they are getting married this week and then he will be baptized Saturday during the same program as J!
We were teaching him the steps of repentance how you recognized that you have sinned, confess to God, never do it again, and do everything you can to correct it. So we explained that breaking the law of chastity was a sin, but now that he is getting married they are completing the steps of repentance and they are going to be a beautiful family, when we explained that we could feel the spirit so strongly, and its just amazing the things we are able to be a part of. 

I love you all so much, I'm so happy for all of my friends and family and for the life that my Father in Heaven has given me, and now for all of these amazing opportunities to share and help others. Have an amazing week!

The baptism with S

Selfie with my Comp and F

At the dance festival with some kids in my ward

With a less active family that we rescued

Fruit salad, one of our lunches we had this week

We made french toast



Elder Lambson :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 22, 2015

Our investigators are progressing really well! We had 6 with baptism date but we had to drop two of them for a little bit because one just got a huge job making all of the little shoes for the little kids that are going back to school in march, the other left to go work with his uncle in a differnt part of Peru. So we have 4 with baptism date and 3 of them are on track "progressing" to be baptized march 7th! One is named J, the other is M and they are both 18, there other two are brothers that are coming to church but its been a while since we have actually visited them in their house, so its going pretty good we should be baptizing them soon and they are stoked, they are super happy. F is really doing well too, he has been to church 5 times and he is really feeling a lot better, he says almost all of his doubts have been cleared up, he is growing such a better testimony that God lives and is really our loving Heavenly Father. So he is doing awesome, but we are waiting a little and playing it cool for now when he is really ready we will extend the baptism invitation! 

We did some cool services this week, on Wednesday we woke up at 4:50 to go help our Elders Quorum president move all of his bricks up to the 3 floor of his house to add on the 4th layer. And we met this awesome family up in the hill side who are very humble. They have a little wood house and they have been breaking in to the side a stone mountain to add a little bit on to their house and we found them, taught them a little bit about the faith and then a few days later we went back to help them move hundreds of these huge rocks that they have broken off out away from their house. It was the most I have ever sweated, and the hardest service Ive ever done, but also the BEST I loved! It was so awesome, and then we went back that night to teach them, and the wife cried during the first vision, she literally thinks we are angels and she asked us if we passed by chance or if we were sent by God, and we told her that yes we were sent by God, because we really were guided by the spirit to find their house. 

This weekend was sweet because I had the blessing to be able to baptized one of the investigators of the Hermanas,  she is 7 months pregnant, it was a cool experience, and even cooler, Sunday I got to confirm her and give her the Holy Ghost, such amazing experiences. I Love Peru. I love the mission so much and I know that none of this would be possible if I didn't have the help of the Lord in every moment. I was thinking, why is it that they send out teenagers on missions? Why not send out old guys who already know the Gospel back and forth?.. But then I thought that we are sent out here, teenagers, young men, because we aren't walking with our personal knowledge, we are out here walking with faith in God, we don't know everything, and thats why it is necessary that we trust in the Lord because with out him we are nothing, we have to trust that he will give us his spirit to guide us and that we can be tools in his hands where he sends us. Its an amazing thing to be a missionary, to know that if we are obedient and work as hard as we can, give it everything we have, that God will form us into a finely tuned instrument to bring to pass his work and his glory to his lost and beloved children! I love this work, I love God, I love my Savior, and I love you guys! Have an amazing week! :)


Elder Lambson :)