Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

We had transfers this week! My old companion was called to be a zone leader in Campoy! I'm so stoked for him! He has an amazing story, when he was 9 his mom died of an illness, and when he was 12 his dad died of a heart attack. He has 3 older brothers and the 4 of them took each other of them selves alone working hard. With time the 4 of them were baptized and he says the Faith in God and the blessings are what kept them alive. He being the youngest of the 4 reached the age to be able to leave on the mission and they made the choice to leave together, they sold the house and almost everything they had, and 3 of the 4 brothers left for the mission the same day, one to Chile, and the other two to different places in Peru. 

When we were put together as companions, he was at a hard time in the mission, he had 19 months and was a little depressed and confused. The two of us were able to work together and forget about our selves and put all of our efforts towards the work of God, We really had lots of trials like not having a Ward Mission leader the whole transfer, having very difficult leaders and other problems in the ward, and in many occasions we came back just exhausted from climbing the hills all day long, but we were able to follow the guidance of the Spirit and give it everything we had and I can tell you that we literally saw miracles from God. This last transfer was the fire that we needed, to mold and shape us into the kind of missionaries the God needs. My companion left being a Zone Leader and I stayed here and Im now the District Leader and I am also training again. 

And now I want to tell you my second son and new companion Elder Granda from Ecuador is also the best! His testimony has truly inspired me. Our area lives up to its name "Las Lomas" the hills, and more hills. He is a guy with a little more weight, not the best physique but he climbs those hills like an animal. He has to wait for a while at the top to catch his breath but every time we climb I love what he says to him self, "Its all for the Lord, its all for the Lord, these people need me." Its such a blessing to see a young missionary with such motivation and to know that God is trusting in me to help mold this excitement that he has and make him into a great missionary and servant of God to keep changing the lives of others through the spirit and his sweet and true testimony. 

We are now working with our recent converts to be able to bring them to the Temple! The Temple is the Goal! Never forget it. Families can be together forever!

Elder Lambson :)

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