Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, October 26, 2015

October 19, 2015

What a blessing it is to have such amazing family and friends! Yes I was able to get all of the packages. It always makes me so happy to read how everyone is and know that the Lord is blessing you. I am so grateful for the way the Lord blesses us spiritually and temporally as we keep his commandments. And I loved what Elder Chalmers shared in his letter that as we keep the commandments we are really putting our lives in an easier position to receive happiness.

Sorry I cant send any photos today, the internet cabin is a little slower. The reason why we didn't email yesterday is because for this week we changed Pday to today because we went to the Temple! Its always amazing to go to the temple and feel the spirit so strongly. I remember that one time you told me that you get a real good feeling of what heaven will be like when you go to the temple because you are there all pure and clean, and you get to be with lots of friends and family. When we went into the celestial room, there was another zone coming in as well and I saw a bunch of old friends like my trainer Elder Balderrama, and also one of my best friends Elder Jolley. So I knew just what you were talking about. It was a great feeling.

The Gospel is amazing and we have to really take advantage of how great it is haha. Some times when we have something so amazing in our lives, but it is in front of our faces everyday, we depreciate it a little and we don't realize how great it really is! Do the small and simple things! Thank God everyday for every blessing and every trial, this time is amazing, and it is also very short. So we have to take advantage of it! "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" The Gospel is true! God loves us, so show him that you love him too! I hope you have an amazing week! I will write more next week about some of the adventures that we are having here in Chosica, Peru!

Elder Lambson :)

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