Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

This was an amazing week. I love my trainer Elder Balderrama, since day one we have been working together and even up until now we are seeing miracles together, even though he is already home haha. He made a huge influence here in vitarte when he was here in this same area almost 6 months ago. One of his most faithful converts was a nice older lady who was baptized in October. She was diagnosed with cancer just a little bit before she was baptized but continued faithful to God and to the church every single week by attending, and enduring. Mid December she became very week and was put into the hospital. She kept fighting but eventually the cancer beat her and she passed away towards the end of January. During this whole process of learning from the missionaries, her baptsim, and her endurance to the end, her two daughters and grandson were always there supporting her, but never felt so strongly the need to make the actual commitment for them selves. They had a mighty change of heart at the passing of their mom. The older daughter changed other commitments that had been occuring on Sundays so that she could be able to attend with her son, and the younger daughter who was taking extra classes on Sundays dropped them completely to complete with her moms desires that she attends church as well. They saw the need to put their lives in harmony with Gods will, and chose to humble their hearts by following not only the footsteps of their mother, but also the footsteps of the Savior. They received us in their home, they completed with their reading assignments, and they accepted the challenge to be baptized. This weekend the three of them were able to complete with that duty to God and received the remission of their sins through the sacred ordnance of baptism. They are such an inspiration, and such an amazing example of faith in trusting the ways of the lord, and in trusting in his timing. The Lord knows his children, and he knows who he sends to teach them. It has been such an honor to work with this family and it has been so special to work side by side once again with my trainer Elder Balderrama.

Elder Lambson :)

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