Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Half of the area is in Surquillo, and the other half in Mira Flores. Its on the coast, its the last area of the Lima East mission on the border of the Lima South Mission. I don't have pictures of my new area yet haha. My companion is cool! His name is Elder Betancourt, he is from Bolivia. He has 6 weeks in the mission and I have 6 weeks left. Haha all week we were making that joke to the members, he would say "I have 6 weeks in the mission." and I would say "I also have 6 weeks in the mission.... until I go home." haha. 

I love the area it is soo cool!! The ward needs a little work though. President had come here the week before to speak in there sacrament and by what my companion says he burned them pretty hard haha but I'm here doing all I can to build the relationship between the members and the missionaries so that together we can find everyone who is ready to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is so much potential here! We have a goal to find all of the business professionals that we can, to be able to teach those who will make an impact on the church and help it to continue growing. Its been fun haha. A little nerve racking at first but we were able to find a few this week and it was awesome. We taught a family in the 3rd floor of a 10 story building this week, the first time that I have had to pass through security, and take an elevator to teach a lesson! It's awesome though! It really helps you to take a look at things with a different view point and I'm grateful for the new blessings, and also the new trials as you can imagine haha. 
We are working with a few atheists as well and it has been so interesting, and so powerful to be able to testify that there really is an all knowing and all powerful supreme being who created us, and even more wonderful is that he actually knows each one of us personally and loves us more than we are capable of comprehending. Mind blowing. I love it.
Adventure is out there. Have a great week :)

Elder Lambson :)

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