Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016

I don't remember if I told you or not but a few of our investigators from my last ward have been baptized in these past few weeks.  One boy is 9 and was baptized the week after I left, I was so happy, he wanted me to go back to baptize him, unfortunately at the end we weren't able to travel, but my companion told me everything went well :) Then this weekend B was baptized :) We found her contacting a building and it turns out that her mom was a less active member for over 20 years, she is now rescued and her daughter is a member too :) 

The work is going great here. Like I said we have half the area full city, but there is another part that is also super busy, but a little more similar to the rest of my areas. Of course not AS receptive just because of the life style and movement of the place. But we do have a small family of three with baptismal dates for the 18th of June :) The mom and her two daughters, They are doing so well :) 

We talk to at least 15 people every day on the streets or knocking doors, and you really do have to be creative sometimes haha. Every person has a whole life behind them, something that makes them who they are, we have to find a connection with each person we talk to, everyone has the light of Christ within them, we just have to help them recognize it, and most importantly... feel it. Nothing happens by coinsidense. (I need to study spelling again when I get home) (and grammer..) anyways. Better said, God always knows where we need to be and when. It is not by chance that our P day was changed (We are going to the temple today tuesday). It was programmed by God. Yesterday we met one of the best profile investigators you can imagine. He came up to us in the street and we talked for a minute, he said he was feeling a spiritual emptiness and had dedicated his day off of work (that was specifically that day) to look for the truth and find answers to his questions. He was going to all of the churches he knew close to his house and asking who he knew were priests, or pastors. He felt an impression to go up a street to the home of another friend where he had already gone, but decided to go anyways, and chose to take a different path than normal, that is just when he saw us walking down the street and we began to talk. We told him we could go to his house at that moment, so we went. He told us his life story, he let it all out and we shared the plan of salvation. He said we were sent of God to answer his prayers and that we had answered many of his questions, and also answered many questions that he didn't even know he had. It is such a blessing to see how God works miracles and how if we follow the spirit he will put us exactly where we need to be to bless the lives of his children.
The spirit is so real! I love you!! Have an amazing week :)
Elder Lambson :)

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