Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey guess what.... I HAVE A SON! Haha I'm training a new Elder. My comp is fresh out of the CCM his name is Elder Barrios from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Its awesome!!! I have 7 months experience and I still don't know everything but we are doing great so far! Im loving it. Some great advice that I received was to just act like you own the place, its all about the attitude, don't let this new Elder see any fear in you, because in reality there is nothing to fear, if you put your trust in the Lord he will guide you. I have been a little stressed but I know if I just keep giving it my all, trusting in the Lord, and being obedient to his commandments that we will receive the strength to keep going and endure. Like I said I don't know everything, I'm still learning bastante (pretty much?) everyday, but one thing that I am able to do is show these people how much I love them, and, as a representative of Jesus Christ, show the people how much He loves them too! We'd do anything for the people that we love, and if I want to be able to say that I love my Savior, then I will do His work the way that He intends me to do it..that he intends US to do it! I know that this work is the Lord's and I am so happy to be anxiously engaged in this amazing cause!

Update on some people that we are training, the 18 yr old, that is atheist.... he is really searching hard to find out if God exists has searched in almost every church and with lots of missionaries is really starting to make a change, at first he was really closed to lots of stuff, just kind of a negative attitude, but as we have continued to teach him, be his friend, visit him, and bring him to church with us I really have seen him open up and he is starting to gain a testimony that God exists and that he really does care for him. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and has told us that he has found lots of answers to his questions, it is awesome to see how he is changing as he receives this light. I know it might not sound like much but we always ask him how he is and he would always say eh mas o menos, (so so or ok) but now he is saying bein (good)! Haha. 

Other really cool investigators that we have are two brothers, that are 19 & 13, they are way cool and when we taught the fall of Adam and Eve they were just like Wow, they had never thought about it in that way, that it was necessary for the Fall and that God always has a plan for us, they said it was like getting hit by a car with what they learned.. haha, cause their whole lives they had just thought yeah first sin nothing else, but when we explained the doctrine in the Book of Mormon why it was important and what it means for all of us they were amazed haha. They are understanding everything really well have been to church, and should be baptized this month of Feb, one brother also says he might be interested in serving a mission! 

And another way cool investigator is M who has a date for the 21st to be baptized. He is a dad of 4, they are really poor and live in a small house on the mountain side, he and his wife sew pants and shirts. He is soo cool! He is a slow learner, but when we explain things and he reads them 2 or 3 times he understands perfectly and he loves it. He also loves serving people, always likes to help his neighbors and do nice things for people so he also likes that about the church, he is doing great, he has been to church and is reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon also, we are going to try to teach the whole family too but its kind of hard to find them all in the house at the same time, but with his testimony growing so much I'm sure his family will see it too and see the good that the Gospel brings!
So many other awesome people too but for now those are some of my coolest amigos here. A little bit longer of an email, please pray for them! Especially for F so he can receive an answer!

 I love you guys and miss you all soo much but I'm so happy to be here, I'm loving every second! Grandpa sent me an awesome quote by Russel M. Nelson "Faith is the antidote for fear" And its so true! "..Me gloriar√© en mi Dios, porque con su fuerza puedo hacer todas las cosas.." Alma 26:12
Keep up the great work! I love you!



Elder Lambson :)

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