Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Oh yeah thats so weird that the papers didn't get through to you guys (in the package I sent) I put in a note for our family explaining everything (I sent) , and a note for the Jackmans but really weird they didn't make it through. I sent my watch back because, I slipped on some slippery stairs and when I landed the force on my wrist from my hand broke the watch but its an easy fix over there in the states.

Hope Sally (Dave) can keep getting better, sippin on his Tab and watching politics haha. So cool to hear about Parker and that he is actually doing stuff with his life! And its good that Alex is busy studying, Id like to hear more about him and how everything is going, I tell lots of people about Alex and I tell them Im the first missionary in my family because my brother had an accident and wasn't able to go, so I'm out here doing everything for him too. And wow my mom is amazing! I cant' believe the Parade is already here again wow. It feels like no time at all that I was just chillin in those sweet houses saying Hi welcome to The Parade of homes ..... haha. 

So cool how you got to explain the Restoration (to Kaleen's Primary class)! I explain the Restoration every single day! Its amazing! The kids sound so funny haha. 

Some of my experiences this week, we got to go to the Temple Thursday, we changed a tire on a moto taxi, saw a drunk dude get punched in the face by another drunk dude, got marriage and dating advice from a 71 year old Islamic man who apparently still "does it" once a week but not twice because he has to be careful. haha   We did a big service for this family up on the mountain side doing more than 5 travels up and down gigantic stairs with giant speakers tables and bed frames in our church clothes, and taught the Gospel to many blessed people like this one sister who was a reference, that had a dream two people in white were going to come to her house, so cool right. ¡Yo amo Peru! ¡Yo amo la mission! haha so funny and so awesome, what a week. 

Spiritual thought, "Those who don't show their love, simply don't love" -Shakespeare
If you love someone tell them! We have been teaching lots of families to show more love to their families, tell your kids you love them, give your parents a hug, just little things to always be sure that the people you love really know it! I love you soo much!! Have an amazing week! Trust in God and he will deliver you!


Elder Lambson :)

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