Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Waiting for some recent converts to get changed to go teach them in the chapel.

Laying on the ground.... In the street.... I got sick again haha, only through out the night and up till about mid day, so it wasn't as bad as last time, but it was pretty much exactly the same thing. The usual. The members are like "when are you not sick" hahaha. Its all good, it's worth it!

Fun to hear about SCHS football and the family and all the friends!! Time flies right? This was a cool week. A couple got baptized from the other Elders in our ward, Elder Quada and Elder Romero. They each baptized one of them. It was cool to see him going out baptizing. Elder Romero finishes his mission today. It was a cool way to finish his mission.

Our district is super fun. We had a great transfer and really have been working so hard. We will have a lot of baptisms in December, all of the new years resolutions are going to be "Stay Pure" haha. Our investigator who is missing one leg, came to church this week, he was super happy that they finally fixed the elevator in the chapel. (I know, how crazy right, we have an elevator) he kept making the joke "they finally paid the electricity bill" haha. He is a cool dude, he really enjoyed the classes and being with the high priests. We have two new really great investigators. They have come to church 2 times now and they are so awesome! They have been members of a local church for a long time and know so much about the Bible, and now that they have learned about the Restoration it all makes so much since to them and they already look like active members haha. They have a baptism date for the first week of December if everything goes well! :)

Its been a great few months with Elder Montoya! We have been a great companionship. Today there are transfers, I have no clue whats going to happen! Ill let you guys know who my new comp is next week :) Everything is going so good! Im just trying to take advantage of every single moment! Before we know its already Christmas and I have 6 months til I'm home! Wow! I love you so much!! Thanks for everything! Have an awesome week!

Elder Lambson :)

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