Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

The week did not start out strong. 
On wednesday we only had 6 lessons in total for the whole week. We had a really great planning that night and we put goals on what we were going to change and the effort we were going to put. We knew that it was still possible to achieve excellency in many indicators. 
Saturday night we needed 15 more contacts and ask for 16 more referrals so we put the goal for sunday to reach these numbers, we talked to everyone all day in the street and ended up having three new investigators and we took out many visits for this week! We reached the goal! As we felt satisfied after reaching the goal the desire to keep doing it wasn't as strong, yeah we got it now we don't have to do any more. But as we were on the way to our first planned lesson of the day we felt very strong to knock on a door that we pass by almost every day. I thought, we already met the goals, just go to the visit. But the spirit strongly testified to go, that its not for the numbers, but to change lives. So we went, and we met a family of three who had received a pamphlet of the Restoration from a friend who lives far and were praying for missionaries to find them. 

I am so so grateful for the blessing that it is to be influenced by the Holy Ghost. I know Im not perfect, but I know God has higher knowledge and higher ways, as I continue striving to be better I feel him using me in more occasions to bless his children. 

The gift that I want to give him this Christmas is show him that I can be worthy of his Holy Spirit by forcing my self even more and honestly overcoming the natural man than is with in me.
With my companion Elder Herazo, from the colombian coast and Elder Quadas new comp 

Chillin with the comp

Pday, we played capture the flag in the forest, I had the idea that we could do it like a St George snowball fight so we bought all the flour and everyone brought a pair of 
(clean) socks! It was so cool!

Another Chosica Sunset

Elder Lambson :)

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