Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 14, 2016

I had a great week this week!! We had another zone meeting and it was the best one yet!! We were planning on doing it this week, but the assistants told us that it had to be last week so we were obedient and prepared it all in one day! We were up until 12 last Monday haha but we were able to get it all ready. Tuesday morning we are there and the sister training leaders gave their little part, and they ended up using like half of the stuff that my comp and I were going to talk about!! So we had to wing a little bit of it but its okay because in the Gospel when you have to "wing it" you just need to trust in the Holy Ghost :) so thats what we did and WOW it turned out to be even better than what we were planning and it was exactly what the zone needed! The participation of each Elder was awesome and it was such a spiritual boost! We talked about the attributes of Jesus Christ, things we can control things we cant control, being diligent, about the zone and our indicators from January and February, and we talked about the conversion of the Anti-Lehi-Nephites. We finished with everyone writing down something that was stopping them from being a better person or a better missionary and we "buried" it in a jar of dirt. It was super cool, very symbolic as to "burying our weapons" and becoming better missionaries. 

As for the rest of the week, we had Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the presidency of the 70 come talk to our mission and it was soo cool!! But we lost a day of work because it was in the afternoon, so we worked even harder the other days of the week to make up for the day that we lost and we ended up having one of our best weeks! We found a new family of five that came to church this week because the guys sister is a member from another ward, she came to church with them and then we took out a lesson for later in the day, we get to the base of a hill side and we call him like he told us to.... HE LITERALLY LIVES IN THE LAST HOUSE ON THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!! But its all good because they all want to be baptized. Haha I love the mission so much! This is the True Gospel of our Savoir Jesus Christ!

My comp Elder Carter is a stud, the zone is going super well, we are working towards our goals and achieving them! Everything is going awesome and we have the eyesight only on the the glory of the Lord! I Love you so much, have a great week! Be grateful for all of your many blessings! :)
Elder Lambson :)

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