Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 21, 2016

I (his mom) received an amazing email from Elder Lambson in reply to his Birthday, WOW, can't believe he is 20!

Monday- Super chill Pday. In our zone there aren't a whole lot of Elders who like to play sports unfortunately so the zone preference is just watch a movie and relax. I'd rather play sports but it's fine by me to just chill sometimes to :) We had an awesome family night with a single mom and a school teacher and she seriously is one of the best investigators you could ask for. She has such a true desire to change her life and become a new person. She has her baptismal date for the second of April. She is receiving a lot of help from the ward and already has a good relationship with many members. We found her contacting on the street.

Tuesday- We had a super cool district meeting, the district leaders did their thing, awesome training, and then us and the assistants pumped the zone up together big time and we put a new zone goal for each area to have 2 baptisms in the month of april and 2 rescues. We are in some of the best wards in the mission and we needed to step things up as a zone. We had an awesome day working hard with a cool return missionary who accompanied us until about 5. He had to go to the bank afterwards and he told us about how his home owner was telling him to get rid of his pet bunny, he had to take it to another members house. We offered to take it for him and he was very grateful because he didn't have much time. So yeah no big deal, we are walking down the busy street with a HUGE bunny (inside of its cage) and then we hear a whistle, we look behind and a police officer is coming up to talk with us! I had no idea what to do, I I thought "is it illegal to have a bunny like this?" 
so he comes up to us and says "Elders!" haha "Im a member from huachipa" (a near by ward) "I want you to go visit a family I know here." What a relief! He gave us an awesome reference of a family of 8!! Blessing come from service :)

Wednesday- We left with an awesome recent convert who always helps the elders. We contacted a lot of people and had quite a few lessons. We went and found the reference of the police officer and wow they need the gospel so much! They let us right in and stopped everything to listen to us. It turns out that one of the sons in addicted to internet games and was making really poor decisions and treating his family bad, we got there in the perfect time to be able to answer their prayers and help their son. We taught a great lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it blesses the families. They made a big change after visiting them 2 times this week and they came to church sunday! :)

Thursday- Another day similar to Wednesday we taught 6 lessons with investigators and less actives found some new people as well. We had a cool family night with a part member family and they bought us Chinese food haha.

Friday- We did a division with a near by group of elders, Elder Arg├╝ello from ecuador came with me, we had a really good day we taught some awesome lessons and then a family at the end of the day bought us pollo a la brasa which is one of the best fast foods here haha its kind of a big deal, its just really good chicken with a lot of fries and lots of sauces. I did 2 baptismal interviews, the two youths were very prepared and ready to be baptized :)

Saturday- My Birthday! Haha it went well! The pension made me a super cool cake, we celebrated there with the other elders and her family. It was simple and sweet. My pension is so nice. We keep saying that we are going to Machu Pichu together when I finish my mission at the end of June. We had a good day we worked our bums off, we found a couple of news to teach as well. We gave a blessing to the mom of a recently reactivated youth, who we are taking out with us to reactivate, she had hurt her back moving bricks in their humble little house. It was such an amazing feeling being out there in the middle of the pueblo in their little house with out a roof, giving a priesthood blessing under the night sky. Very spiritual experience. Then we went to the church for mission correlation that was at the church and we got to see part of the dance festival.

Sunday- A great way to finish off the week!! We had 8 investigators come to iss going to be baptized this saturday (he has an awesome story I'll tell you next week), D came, part of the new family that I told you about and the family that live up on the top of the mountain that we found last week came again! :) 

I love giving everything I can in this amazing work. I know that I am nothing alone, but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Im so grateful for the amazing experiences that God is giving me and I am so grateful for the blessing that I have had to make changes in my life, and to become a better person. Its not about me out here, its about the other people who are changed by what I do! The mission really is incredible and these two years are helping me so so much! The gospel is amazing and I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ!!
Elder Lambson :)

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