Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

This was such an awesome week :) We went to the temple with a group of recent converts and some less actives that we were able to rescue. I have been to the temple a few times before but this week we were able to actually be witnesses of the baptisms and it was the coolest thing ever! Two that went from the group were 2 who I had baptized just a month ago. And then seeing them be baptized again, but for another person (the dead) in the temple was so amazing. Such a miracle and such a testimony builder to be in there with them. 

Jesus was baptized this week! :) His story is so awesome!!! One day we were walking down the street and I saw him, and I thought "That kid looks exactly like my recent convert from Villa Hermosa a year ago". So then a few days later we saw him again and I talked to him and he was just like "Hey Elders" haha it turns out that he is his Brother!! He lives here in vitarte but he had been going to church in his brothers ward for a month already. It turns out that he was receiving the discussions from the Elders there because they didn't know he lived over here. So we got that all sorted out and we were able to start him attending church over here and he was received by the ward so well. He loved it and was already participating in Seminary haha. We finished up the lessons yesterday and he ended up getting baptized on Saturday!! We made the arrangements possible so that his older brother (my convert from a year ago who we helped get married and baptized) could come and baptize him! It was sooo cool!! You could feel the spirit so strong to be in there with them. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences I've had in the mission. God is the one directing this amazing work and he knows where he needs us. They are such awesome converts!!

I have transfers!!! I'm going to what most likely will be my last area. I'm still going to be a zone leader, now in the zone of Santa Anita. My ward is called Univeral. It's right across the freeway from Villa Hermosa!! There is a huge chapel here (Seriously, huge! 3 stories) when I served in Villa Hermosa we would always point to the chapel and say "thats our church, have you heard of it?" haha. I'm stoked!!

I'm going to miss Elder Carter like crazy he has been such an awesome companion and we have worked so so hard together with the zone and in the area. I'm going to miss my area we have had so much success and so many more people who are close to baptism. (one this week :) But guess who is coming to replace me? Elder Quada! Who I was with in Moyopampa! They are going to be so awesome together! Im stoked. 

I love you so much!! Be strong!! Im praying for Joe!! Have an amazing week!


Elder Lambson :)

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