Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 13, 2016

So I forgot to explain the pictures last week. I got sick again, I was in bed for a day with a migrain. It was the worst headache I have ever had and I couldnt do anything. My companion took care of me, and the pension brought us food but I couldnt even eat. I woke up feeling so bad in the morning, but all though I felt so bad we couldnt not go to a service we had planned with a new family we are teaching, I worked up enough strength to get out of bed go barely to the street, we got a taxi and went to house, I tried helping but I ended up just out of it on their couch while my companion helped for a few hours. I felt like I was going to throw up when we were leaving but we managed to get to the room in another taxi and I just crashed all day until the next morning. The project was super cool, we are helping them put in a second floor inside of their house, but its withe metal bars, it reminded me a lot of my eagle project. They are a family of three, and they are so great, they recognize the spirit when we have taught them and they know that the restoration is true. We were able to help them again this saturday and I was able to actually help haha. We finished the bars and started puting in the wood, it looks super cool and it is going to help them have so much more space in their home. (I will take a picture this week) they went to stake conference this weekend and it was a powerhouse. They loved the messages. Sandy, and her daughters Ariana and Kimberly also went to the conference and they loved it. Their baptism is this weekend :)

This week we also had a very special visit..... We met and got to shake hands with Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the 12. It was soooo coool. He is awesome. The church really is guided by God through the Prophet and the 12 apostles. They are chosen by the Lord himself and I know that they are his special witnesses. It was an amazing training and I felt the spirit so strong.

So its my last week in the mission. Its a bitter sweet moment. I cant really explain how I feel knowing its my last week as a full time missionary, but I know the work never stops. All that I have learned in these two years are going the foundation of a happy life being anxiously engaged always in a good cause. Im going to continue sharing my testimony, continue to invite others to come unto christ, and continue living the commandments of God being a witness of him at all time in all things and in all places. A city on a hill can not be hidden.

I love you guys so much! See you soon :)

Elder Lambson :)

This is Pablo! He is a recent convert, we buy cookies from him every day :) 

and a Family, they are members. We put the goal with them to read the Book of Mormon together as a family this year :) 

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