Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30, 2014

Hi- Thanks for the pic of my room, so I kind of felt bad leaving my room really messy but I know you secretly enjoy cleaning it. So I hope you had fun and it gave you something to do :) haha
Tell Dave thank you so much for feeding my snake! Also tell him I have been playing a lot of volleyball here, and thank you for teaching me everything I know.

II didn't realize how big of a deal tie trading and stuff was but I could use some more ties,  Christmas present maybe ;) also one of my pairs of pants ripped (the ones I’ve had since Sophomore year) but its okay cause an Elder in my district can fix them. But I'm going to buy some new suits when I get to Peru!

The MTC is super fun and awesome, but I'm excited to get into the field because I have a feeling that it will be 10x better! I got a package from Anne this week the Elders in my casa were so mad :) but I shared it was all good. Thank you all!!!!   Count your many blessings! I love you guys so much! Even Alex! Oh and funny story, we had to make a profile to be an investigator for other missionaries to practice on us so I used Jordan as my investigator haha.

Glad you ate at Remunds, Tell Sherri since she forgot a golden word for my farewell she could give me one for my homecoming.

Grandpa sends me quotes each week and the one he sent this week we actually had a devotional on the other day and we watched a video of Elder Holland, he talked about the Preach My Gospel book and told us "notice how it says Preach 'My' Gospel, not your Gospel, the Lord's Gospel" I know this is his Gospel and the true Gospel and I'm so excited to take the things I've learned here out to the real world! I miss and love Grandpa!

So I got the sickness thats going around here the other night and it was super fun! :D I had to sleep on my bathroom floor for a few hours :) even laying on the floor I wasn't discouraged, I was like, wow I feel like crap but seriously is that it, there is no way I'm going to let this get me down. I got about 3 hours of sleep that night but I still went to work the next day at 6.30 learning spanish and the gospel going hard all dang day. I love and miss all of my family and friends but I'm here for a purpose and I'm not coming home till that purpose is fulfilled.

I challenge you and Bubby to share your testimonies this week :)  Oh hey let the Wade's know I met Emily! She is super nice and cool!

Love you talk to you again soon, Love you!!

Elder Lambson :)

Elder Ranga and Elder PerfectlySweet

I need some rad ties like these. Especially the bright blue one in the middle, and a paisley of any color cause paisleys are sick

Road we walk down everyday at MTC

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