Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First P-day in Peru

My apartment is awesome! There are 4 of us, me and my companion who is the district leader. And also the zone leaders live there. They are saying I was born into the covenant because of my situation with the DL, ZL's, one of the best houses, and our area is legit!

This is such an awesome place and I'm having tons of fun! My comp is awesome and we can communicate pretty good, he knows a lot of English and I help him with English and he helps me with Spanish. He has been out 6 months I am his 3rd comp. Its winter here so its kind of like our falls and winters. Light jacket but not to cold. I'm speaking a lot of Spanish and learning more and more everyday! The zone leaders that I live with are both white and about the same height as me so when ever we walk around us 4 are giants cause my comp is tall too. The zl's are so funny and we are always having fun in our apartment.

For meals we have a "Pensionista" and its a calling they have here. Its a family and our guy is named Hector and he is hilarious. The driving here is crazy. we've gone in a couple of buses and some "moto taxis" which are little motorcycles with two seats on the back and they are covered up. its cool. The big drink here is called inca cola and its like bubblegum flavored Mtn dew. I thought it would be terrible but its actually pretty good.

The members here are so nice and awesome. Some funny stuff that happened this week, there are dogs and cats everywhere! So I went to pet this super cute dog and it nipped my pinky haha no blood or anything though. When we were contacting we met a young girl, probably our age, and after we shook hands to say bye and she leaned in and almost kissed me on the cheek before I realized what was going on haha it was a close one. My comp was like "you have to watch out for the snakes" (girls). We have about 11 investigators and its super fun, I've been trying to understand as much as possible and I have shared a few things in lessons and bore my testimony but most of the time my comp is teaching and I don't really know whats going on. But yeah I'm loving it here! Its nothing like back home, its crazy and it makes me appreciate the states so much more. But I'm having fun and happy to be here. I love you! Have a great week! Oh yeah we are going shopping today I'm going to get some more durable pants cause all I have are suit pants and also a pull over sweater with out a hood
I will send pics next week! The computers we are using today are slow. Have a great week! I love you!

Thanks for everything you are awesome! Here is my official address for mail and packages if you are interested.
Calle Los Agrològos Nº 368
Urb. Las Acacias de Monterrico
La Molina, Lima 12, Perù

Elder Lambson :)

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