Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, October 20, 2014

Getting items to Elder Lambson

You can email Elder Lambson at


You can mail him a single sheet letter using the Pouch System - The Church provides pouch mail service from your location to Church headquarters, where letters are forwarded to the Missionary by a private courier. Pouch mail leaves SLC each Friday, only postcards or one-page correspondences (no envelopes) written on one side of the page may be sent through the Pouch.
Lay the letter blank side down. Fold the bottom of the letter about one-third of the way up the page and crease. Fold the top and crease. Secure the long side with 2 pieces of tape, but do not seal the ends. Write your name and complete return address in the top left corner. Attach a 1st Class postage stamp in the top rt corner. In the middle, write the Missionary address:

Elder Kiel Lambson
Peru Lima East Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

As far as I know UPS and Fed Ex are still delivering packages but no USPS deliveries are being made per International Mail Services:

Start date: 16th September 2014
End date: Ongoing

Postal workers in Peru started an indefinite strike on 16th September 2014. This has affected both inbound and outbound mail services.

Update: 2nd October 2014

The strike action in Peru is still ongoing, and the International Mail Hub in Peru, is full to capacity with mail which has not been processed, and subsequently the airline which transports mail in to Peru on our behalf is currently unable to accept any mail in to Peru. As a result mail services to Peru are now suspended and any mail we have on hand in the UK for Peru will be returned to sender.

Packages may be sent via Private Courier:
Put all items in large Zip Lock bags (2 gallon bags are best) with Elder Kiel Lambson - Lima Peru East Mission written on the outside of the bags. Mail or deliver the bags to:
El Inka Envios
1604 S Prospect
Salt Lake City UT 84104

Inside the box you are mailing to Vanessa, put an envelope inside of it addressed to Vanessa. Inside the envelope write a list of everything you are mailing - declare the value, try not to send anything worth more than $50 otherwise it causes issues at Customs. Also put a check in the envelope, it needs to include the deliver fee of $6.00 and then $6.50 per pound. If the contents you are mailing are 4 pounds, her check would total $32.00. She will deliver the packages to the Mission Home. Christmas packages need to be to her no later than November 10th. You can see her info on FaceBook at:

Hi Family-
We are teaching a lot of families right now. Tonight we are teaching a family about the Plan of Happiness. Have you read Ballards book yet? Thanks for the football updates, sounds like a good season haha! I can't wait to read the Conference talks, keep making good choices and being latter day Saints. Thanks for sending the 4 generation chart and thank you so much for all of the help you are seriously the best mom ever!! Have a good week.

Love Elder Lambson

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