Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

I'm still in Campoy. There are transfers next week though and either me or my Comp will leave. My comp is cool, I'll miss him. I haven't gotten the package you sent with Vanessa yet. Its been awhile since I've gotten mail, the last thing was the jacket (which I love thank you)

About the music, we use these little DVD players to watch PMG videos and scripture videos and we can put thumb drives in and play music with them too. But only church music like EFY and MoTab and other cool LDS stuff.

I had an Idea. After Halloween when all the candy is on sale you could send a bunch to keep in my bag to give to little kids in the street. We always see kids and they are so cute and it would make their day.

That is cool about the (SCHS) football half time, too bad we lost but hey rugby is awesome haha. I want to email coach P and coach Day could you give me their emails?

I hope the Ward is doing good. I wish I would have worked harder when I was still at home, there are so many things that we can do as young men that I wish I would have done. I wasted way to much time on my phone.

Here are some pics of p day a few weeks ago we made huge hot dogs called completos with guacamole, so good. And last week we went to a zoo in central de Lima. It was so cool I saw animals from South America that I didn't even know existed. And also some classics like the Lama.

Other pictures, there's some of me at the zoo, one with my Zone right now, one with "J" who I've told you about, (his shop is doing awesome he is making a bunch of money and he remodeled everything and now has computers and stuff its cool.) The one with the guy with long hair. His name is "M" and he was baptized in like 1980 but was inactive ever since.  We found him a few weeks ago. I gave him that shirt and tie to wear to church because he literally is almost dirt poor and he was so happy to go to church with us wearing it. He has no family, or really many friends, all he does is work (cleaning) and lives in his little shack.

I miss you guys but the mission life is such a blessing in its self, all the miracles I'm seeing in these peoples lives thanks to the gospel. It doesn't matter a persons situation, we are all children of God and we all have access to the gospel, if we accept it. Keep doing the small and simple things to always have the spirit with you!



Elder Lambson :)

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