Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hi - Haha yeah I know Brother Torgenson (he's the Uncle to one of Parkers soccer teammates) he is awesome! He interviewed me my first day in the MTC we were pretty good friends my whole time there.

That's sad to hear about Britton, typical Snow Canyon tragedy.  We have some amazing students.  I got the letters from the SCHS Missionary moms, pretty cool. I gave Bubby some good scriptures last week to help.

(I told him an RM in our Ward gave Sharing Time in Primary) That's going to be funny when I go back and share stories with the primary kids. I loooove the primary kids here. They are soo cute! Seriously there are some of the cutest little kids here in my ward I love it.

Tell Alex thank you so much for the music! I know he loves me haha. I'm sure Vanessa has a lot of business right now. Margot loved the towels, she is awesome. And Hector, we always play chess with him at his house haha he is addicted! Im winning 4 to 2 with him. Thanks for raising me with chess, I'm a well rounded person. Haven't gotten Kelly and Rachels package, but got Jackmans. Haha I have so many ties now, I need like two tie racks. I got some stuff for you guys to send but it might take a while so yeah.

That is super good dave is actually getting a permit (for the YM Priest bon fire Wednesday night, last time the Fire Dept and Police showed up)  haha. 

My new comp is pretty cool! We have been working really well together. I am leading the area, doing all of the responsible stuff like finding people to teach, making sure we have members to go with us, scheduling service and lessons, and then he is teaching the lessons. That's my weak point right now but I have been getting so much better at spanish! I understand literally 97 percent of things and I am able to communicate with people with what ever I want to say. 

We had some awesome lessons last night with families and I'm actually telling jokes now and I can say basically what ever I want. I can really feel the help of the spirit every day. Something that happened the other day that was really cool is after a lesson with some investigator this little girl asked me "why are you always so happy?" and it made me think. I don't know, I'm just super happy. I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, and right now my only job is to help other people have it too, how can I not smile haha. This is the best work in the world and I am a big part in it. I love smiling at random people in the street and seeing them smile back, maybe its because they are thinking "what's up with this crazy gringo" but at least it brings them a smile haha. Not everyone is going to listen to our message but every time we share our testimonies of our Savior it brings a little bit more happiness and hope to these people, every time we talk to someone we are planting a seed, maybe we can harvest the crop and bring them to baptism in our transfer, and maybe they need more time and other missionaries will be able to take advantage of what we have started. All I know is that I love it here and I love the people soo much! I know this is the work of the Lord and I can feel his love for everyone of his children each day I try to fulfill my purpose as a missionary  I love you guys too and I miss you so much! I wish you could meet all of the people here they are amazing! Keep strengthening your testimonies every day! The gospel is awesome, I love you have a great week!

These pics are just before the transfers with Elder Haught and Elder Balderrama and the pensionista family

My new comp is from Iqitos Peru and has 10 months in the mission


Elder Lambson :)

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