Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Sent Kiel a picture of Parker driving - his reply:

Thats awesome. A little weird that he is driving, but awesome haha. I got 5 more letters this week! And 2 packages! One from Savanah and one from Grandma Lambson. Savanah sent me some candy and a BYU shirt! And I got lots of cookies and chocolate from grandma! Awesome! I love your little letters with the pictures and just whats going on, those are the best. I miss Kate and Sloan haha thats so funny what they do with my pictures. (ASL - I love you).

In our email to Kiel we asked how he was doing with his new Companion?

Yeah my Companion is so awesome!! We are working super good together!! He reminds me of Bubby haha he is little and kind of a spaz so we have fun messing with each other. We have some awesome Investigators! Yesterday we taught the family Rodriguez and after the lesson they took us over their fence to this huge mountain side with ancient ruins! Its funny it was like you yeah you guys wanna see something cool, we just happen to have these ancient ruins in our back yard hahaha. They are doing really good and we hope to baptize them next month on the 13. We are also teaching a family J and L , there is the mom L with her 2 daughters and J is the step dad. J is the one that stopped us one day to teach them because he wants the best for his step daughters, it has been so cool teaching them because I can relate with a lot of the same stuff, with having a step dad. Because the step dad wants the best for the kids but some times the kids are resentant and they have fights and stuff but really its cause the step dad loves the kids and yeah it has just been super cool being able to relate with them and help the kids see this (yeah its super deep and cute but sometimes I am bad at explaining stuff) (tell dave I say hi haha) and this week we taught them the importance of marrige and they are getting married on the 10th! We hope to baptize the family together on the 13th! What is new with C, she is super happy! She started talking to the dad of her kids again and he told her that he wants to change and they have plans to get married. We started teaching them together and he is awesome. He is accepting everything and if things continue good they will get married soon, then he can get baptized too, and then get married in the temple! How cool would that be!? The work is so awesome and I am loving every day! Thank you so much for all of the love and support!!  I miss you all! Im so blessed to have family and friends as awesome as you guys! I love you and miss you have an amazing week!

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