Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014

a preface to Kiels letter with part of my letter to him.....

Happy Halloween - I guess since Halloween is a US tradition, you didn't get to celebrate it.?.
I wore your Superman shirt and big black glasses, Dave dressed up in his Batman costume to hand candy out. We were the Super Hero House. lol

HI - I love you!! That sounds "super" about halloween! Haha. Halloween was pretty weird here. It is like just starting up so there were some kids in the street but most people think it is of satan haha. Definitely not the same as it is in the states.

Thats pretty crazy about the church schedule, wow. What kind of improvements are they doing in the Stake Center? Thanks for the pictures of our Ward plaques, have you read that chapter in Morini (7:45) where mine comes from? Its a lot deeper than just the scripture that I put on there but yeah I love it.

Today are the transfers! I don't know who is my new Comp but I'm staying in Campoy and my Comp is going to be a Zone Leader in a different Zone!! He is a stud. Fast and testimony meeting is awesome! And so is Joseph smith! I love teaching about him!

I got your package this week from Vanessa and I got Grandpas, the mail strike is over!! Thank you so much it is so awesome!!! The american food is sooo good! But the food down here in Peru is amazing too! Just the American Junk food is better haha. But really you guys should try some Peruvian food! My favorite thing right now is called Aji de Gallina, Its soo good! And remember how when I was little I was a "dipper" well yeah here they love sauces too so I get to put sauce on everything!!!

How are you? Any thing new? How is Alex I haven't heard much from him lately. He is going to be married by the time I get back right? Haha tell him I miss him. How is the music coming along? If you dont want to do that its okay. I emailed Coaches, have you seen them lately? How does Bubby like high school? In spanish if something is little you can just add "cito" at the end of it so now I'm going to call him "Bubbycito" aweee. Haha 

I miss and love you guys so much! I am seriously so grateful for you all! I don't know how I was so blessed to have you! Love you, have a great week!


Elder Lambson :)

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