Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

This week was amazing! I got to baptize another sister from the area of the sister missionaries. Her name is L. She reminded me a lot of C. (this first sister I baptized in Cmpoy) L. has 3 kids and they are really... energetic we could say haha. Her ex lives in Chillé so she was living with her parents but basically all alone with her 3 kids, but now she has a whole new family of all of the amazing Ward members to help her and be her friend always. The Sisters asked her who she wanted to baptize her and she said one of the Missionaries, they said which one latino or gringo, and she chose the gringo haha. So I have been very blessed to be here in the Ward with the sister missionaries and I have had the blessing to baptize two very sweet young ladies.

This area is soo cool! I loved Campoy but I think I like this area a lot more! The people are humble here, and we are finding soo many people that are really happy to accept us and our message.

I am also soo happy because I am understanding everything, I'm talking with everyone. I am leading the lessons now, I was like, why not haha I'm just going to start leading, and I really surprised myself but I am actually doing really good and we are working together awesome as a companionship! We have 17 new investigators this week who are all super awesome! Now the only trick is maintaining all of them and continuing to find and teach them to have them progress and soon be baptized!

I am learning so much about the Gospel too and I am reading deep gospel doctrine books in spanish and actually understanding and learning lots and lots of stuff that builds my testimony and also helps me help other people. Started from the bottom now we here!!

To answer your questions, I sleep on the bottom bunk, the bathroom is back behind the beds on the left according to that photo (he sent last week), the bathroom is huge and really nice haha we have a toilet, urinal and a giant hot shower. There are some awesome peruvian souvenirs and stuff like the chess set so next time we go in to the shopping places I will get one. I'm sending a package this week with lots of stuff!

I am so happy to hear that everyone is doing good I love our family and our friends! It is so cool to hear about everything going on, I am so happy to know about the Plan of Salvation in our lives! The Gospel is the best. I love you guys so much!!!

Some people I want you to say hi for me are..... (I will email them to let them know). Also say Hi to Susan! I saw a dog that looked like Max the other day.


Elder Lambson


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