Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Wow 2015, crazy how good of a year 2014 was with all the stuff that happened all of the amazing things, it was definitely an awesome year, probably the best one I've ever had. But I'm also looking forward for this year 2015, I'll be here in Peru the whole year!! A different type of amazing things are going to come to pass here. 

This first week of the year has already been amazing. I got to perform a Baptism for one of the investigators of the Hermanas in the Ward (Sister Missionaries) and the little lady was soo nervous, timid and shy. It was the cutest thing. When I baptized her she grabbed her nose with the wrong hand and just fell back, so I didnt have time to change it and so I just pushed her all the way under and held her tight so she wouldnt fall haha it was great. She had wanted the Bishop to do the Baptism but he couldn't so they asked me if I would do it and I was like what if she doesn't like me??  But they said she was happy to have a gringo do it because they are handsome and have pretty eyes haha. She was also happy after because she said she was scared of the water but "he held me strong and saved me from drowning" haha.

I have also had the oprotunity to give some blessings and it just an amazing feeling to use the Priesthood to help people in so many different ways that you cant find any where else in the world accept for in the restored true church of Jesus Christ. Pretty amazing stuff. We are visiting A LOT of less actives here in this Ward and we also have some cool investigators like this one guy who is 18, he can speak English, and is investigating 3 churches right now and he has some super deep questions and he is really happy with us because we have been able to answer all of them and also we are inviting him to pray to know for himself and feel that these things are true.

So cool to hear about all of the great things that are happening back at home I am really happy for you guys! Keep choosing the right and always trust in the lord!

Scripture for the week! D&C 50:24 that talks about the light that we recieve from God, and I like to compare it to our testimonies and to a fire. What happens to a fire if we dont continue to feed it? It dies out, same with our testimonies, this scripture shares how when we recieve the gospel we receive the light of God and if we use it to our advantage doing the right things we recieve more and more light until the day we die. The wood that we add to our fire are the small and simple things that we do everyday, our prayers every morning and night, personal and in family, really studying the scriptures, fasting, service, going to the Temple. By doing these things we mantain our flame and mantain this light from God, and this light won't only guide and bless our lives, but also the lives of those who surround us.

I love you guys so much! Have an amazing week!

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