Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 - Week of Elder Lambson's 19th Birthday

I stayed in the same area! I have the same companion, which means that I am still training.... And I got made District leader :)  Im loving it so much! This has been amazing week! I am busy as can be but I am so happy with the responsibilities that the Lord has trusted me with and I am so happy to be able to fulfill them with his help! There are 8 of us in my district, Me and my comp in Villa Hermosa, the Sister missionaries in Villa Hermosa 2, the Elders from Las Magnolias 2, and the Elders from Las Magnolias 1 (the Zone Leaders) so we are doing super good as a district, 3 of the 4 companionships had a baptism this week and all 4 of us now have at least 1 with a date and progressing. The little guy who we baptized this week is awesome!!  He just turned 9 last week (his family are members but they were less active for a little bit) we helped the family re activate and we also got to baptize Nick! He chose me to baptize him and It was the best! When we were leaving the water up the stairs he was so happy he couldn't control himself and he jumped back in the water to go swimming hahaha I had to reach down and take him out haha luckily the doors were closed so no one saw, but it was awesome to see how happy he was, and now how big of an impact he can be for his family that is just starting to return to the church. 

Its an amazing time in my life right now. This Ward is amazing and I have seen it change so much in my short 3 months and a half here. When I first got here in December, it was just a little under half way full in sacrament meeting every week, but with the hard work and dedication from the Sister missionaries and also from us, the Sacrament room was full this week. Its such a miracle to see how big of an impact the Lord can make when the Missionaries and the Members work together. This Ward is amazing its small but they are dedicated and are going out and making miracles happen, it really has been so amazing to see the huge change in this ward that was just a branch a year ago. I love these members so much they are awesome! And I'm so happy that I was able to stay here another change to be here for my birthday!  They all want to throw eggs at me, here on birthdays they like throwing flour and eggs at the people so we'll see how this goes haha.  I got Grandpa and your birthday packages, I haven't opened yours yet.

The Sisters also had a baptism this week, his dad baptized him. Since I'm district leader now I got to interview him, its fun doing baptismal interviews, they are really full of the spirit, I also got to interview a kid (17) from the other ward that has gone through soo many trials and temptations but has been able to make such a great change. Its an amazing blessing to do the Baptism interviews and be able to help people and feel the spirit so strongly And to add, I really am super happy that Parker is okay, its good that he lived (Parker was in a roll over accident last week, he's ok and so is the driver) so maybe now he can learn a thing or two haha. Tell him to write me more and tell me more stuff and if he doesn't, he is grounded.

So good to hear that everyone is okay, happy and healthy. Love you so so much and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for a family and friends so amazing as you guys are. Have a great week! :)

At a little get together for one of the Sister missionaries who got transferred, and a picture of the Cerro San Cristobal in the center of Lima, I took that picture from our church parking lot before the baptisms. 

I also got to see Elder Haught one last time, he goes home next week! (he came to the Zone to see the baptism from his old area, the kid that I got to interview is an investigator that Elder Haught worked with)

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