Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 22, 2015

Our investigators are progressing really well! We had 6 with baptism date but we had to drop two of them for a little bit because one just got a huge job making all of the little shoes for the little kids that are going back to school in march, the other left to go work with his uncle in a differnt part of Peru. So we have 4 with baptism date and 3 of them are on track "progressing" to be baptized march 7th! One is named J, the other is M and they are both 18, there other two are brothers that are coming to church but its been a while since we have actually visited them in their house, so its going pretty good we should be baptizing them soon and they are stoked, they are super happy. F is really doing well too, he has been to church 5 times and he is really feeling a lot better, he says almost all of his doubts have been cleared up, he is growing such a better testimony that God lives and is really our loving Heavenly Father. So he is doing awesome, but we are waiting a little and playing it cool for now when he is really ready we will extend the baptism invitation! 

We did some cool services this week, on Wednesday we woke up at 4:50 to go help our Elders Quorum president move all of his bricks up to the 3 floor of his house to add on the 4th layer. And we met this awesome family up in the hill side who are very humble. They have a little wood house and they have been breaking in to the side a stone mountain to add a little bit on to their house and we found them, taught them a little bit about the faith and then a few days later we went back to help them move hundreds of these huge rocks that they have broken off out away from their house. It was the most I have ever sweated, and the hardest service Ive ever done, but also the BEST I loved! It was so awesome, and then we went back that night to teach them, and the wife cried during the first vision, she literally thinks we are angels and she asked us if we passed by chance or if we were sent by God, and we told her that yes we were sent by God, because we really were guided by the spirit to find their house. 

This weekend was sweet because I had the blessing to be able to baptized one of the investigators of the Hermanas,  she is 7 months pregnant, it was a cool experience, and even cooler, Sunday I got to confirm her and give her the Holy Ghost, such amazing experiences. I Love Peru. I love the mission so much and I know that none of this would be possible if I didn't have the help of the Lord in every moment. I was thinking, why is it that they send out teenagers on missions? Why not send out old guys who already know the Gospel back and forth?.. But then I thought that we are sent out here, teenagers, young men, because we aren't walking with our personal knowledge, we are out here walking with faith in God, we don't know everything, and thats why it is necessary that we trust in the Lord because with out him we are nothing, we have to trust that he will give us his spirit to guide us and that we can be tools in his hands where he sends us. Its an amazing thing to be a missionary, to know that if we are obedient and work as hard as we can, give it everything we have, that God will form us into a finely tuned instrument to bring to pass his work and his glory to his lost and beloved children! I love this work, I love God, I love my Savior, and I love you guys! Have an amazing week! :)


Elder Lambson :)

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