Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9, 2015

Another amazing week! We had 2 baptisms!! He is 18 we have been working with him since January and he is great! I got to baptisms him in the morning, and then in the night time we had another baptism. He is 21 and just barely got married to a member in our ward this week and got baptized on Saturday then had the reception right after the baptism in the gym of the church! Those are the coolest kinds of baptisms when they get married and baptized because its soo cool to be able to go through that process with them! It was a week full of hard hard work. We had to do so much and it was super stressful at times, but we were faithful, we worked hard, and we were able to reap what we had sewn. Awesome awesome week.

There are transfers today and Im not sure if Im leaving or if I'm staying haha but either way Id be happy. I go where you want me to go dear Lord (or stay where you want me to stay) this has been a cool transfer my Comp is super chill and its been cool being able to training him. If we stay together, awesome. If not no worries. I love every experience that I am gaining on the mission. I love Peru its awesome. My zone is sweet and I have made so many friends. My pension and her family are the BEST , they all love me so much and me too for them. Every night that we come back for dinner they are always there and its like coming home to my family haha they are all so great. La mamita Estella loves the missionaries so much and she does soo much for us. We told her that there are transfers and that I might be leaving or staying. But she started to cry saying she doesn't want me to leave. I love her so much.

The mission is such a great time. I'm loving every day, every experience, good and bad. I am growing so much and just having the time of my life. I don't know where the next transfer will bring me but I know that I'm in Gods hands and I trust in him 100%. Faith is the most important thing you can have, with faith nothing is impossible. I love you guys so much and I invite you to have EVEN MORE FAITH. If you think you have faith have even more and you will see the blessings and the miracles. I love you guys sooo much!

My mamita

Elder Lambson :)

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