Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 13, 2015

I am having an amazing time here in Peru and it is blessing my life so much to be here, along with the blessing to help other people see these blessings, and the love of God as well. We will be hold a baptism this week for a sweet young girl. She studies and works selling Ice Cream and Popsicle's with a little cart that she takes around. About 2 months ago she came up to us in the street and asked us who we were and what we do and the rest is history, we have been visiting with her and she has been coming to church and many of the activities and she has expressed to us how good she feels and how much she has felt the spirit in her everyday life now. She will be baptized on Saturday and she has already told us that when she turns 19 in august, that she wants to serve a mission too! 

We are also working with F., even though he still doesn't want to be baptized, we are his best friends he has ever had, we visit him a lot and he has still been coming to the church every Sunday including General Conference. He also comes to our English classes every Friday night and loves it. 

And we also have two other young men who have baptism dates for May. They are both way cool, One of them actually came and found us, he has friends in his University who are members and he said he wants to have that same trust and love with God, and also all of the blessings that he has seen his friends have. Other is the grandchild of a super sweet old lady who we always talk to out front of her store who gives us soda when its hot, he is 17 and has had some depression problems in the past few years but now is really shaping up and being able to control it more and more every time he learns about Jesus Christ our Savior in the church and when we visit. Its truly amazing, our recent converts are also doing really good. J. hasn't been able to come to church for a few weeks because of his work but he is reading the book of Mormon every day and says he loves the example of Nephi in his obedience and always choosing the right. And J. received the priesthood last week and was able to bless the sacrament this week! He did it perfectly! He is also doing a program through the church to help him get his degree and its going to bless his family so much! They have the cutest little white baby haha. 

I have one more week until transfers and I'm 90% sure I'm leaving and I'm going to miss this area like crazy, Villa Hermosa is truly amazing! Anyways that's a little recap of whats going on in the life of Elder Lambson and I hope you are doing soo well. I pray for you always and I love you soo much!

Love you so much Mom! None of these things that I am accomplishing in my life would be possible with out you. I have shared many times in my lessons the strength that the Gospel can give to a single mom with three boys. I love you soo soo much Mom and you really are my biggest hero. I cant wait to talk to you this Mothers day! Thank you for being so amazing to me and all of those around you. You really are an angel.

Pictures:  A part of Lima traveling to the center, How we were studying the other day playing chess, Over looking the city from a hill in my area

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