Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20, 2015

We had an amazing week! The baptism of M was awesome! Her friend C actually did the baptism which was awesome for both of them, and then I got to confirm her in church the next day. She is amazing! 

I love this area so much its the best, I'm 99% sure Im being transferred, we are actually going to find out after internet haha. 

I still havent gotten the package form Lillian but it should be here soon. (Im also sending something back with her :)

Love you so much! Keep being amazing and loving the people around you! Send me lots of pictures of everything thats going on! Love you guys and miss you so much!

The baptism of M with her friend C who did the baptism, he is awesome. And the baptism was great! I did her confirmation and she is happier than ever, and she is already bringing her friends to church with her. 

With W and his family, they are awesome, there are like 6 families that live in their building and they are all Mormon! haha they are a big blessing in the ward.

F and his mom in their little store

Some shots of my area right now, the big mountain with out letters is what we see every day when we leave, in the bottom right corner you can see a blue building, we live in the first floor.
The writing on the mountain is of a little grade school here, you can see that writing from the free way that we pass a lot to go to tranfers and other reunions in La molina.

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