Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

I am so happy about all of the youth going out and serving (gave him an update on current Calls) !! These really are the best two years! Not the best 2 years OF our life but the best 2 years FOR our lives!! We learn sooo much!! We have to take advantage of every single experience and trial that our Heavenly Father gives us! Apart from learning a whole new language, in what ever mission you serve, state side or out, you learn to speak the language of the spirit, which is the most important language that we can ever learn. The most important thing we can do is develop every single one of the amazing gifts God gives us and the Gift of the Holy Spirit is definitely the most important of all of them. (D&C 11:12-14)

I love this ward so much and I love my district! There are Transfers tomorrow and I really don't want to go haha, we still don't know but I sure hope I stay!! We are still playing soccer every morning and I love it! I am so much better than Parker and Kaden now! haha.

We are having so much progress with the less active families that we are visiting and they are all so awesome!! I love finding new people to teach and helping them put their lives in order!! How amazing is that! We are helping drug addicts, alcohol addicts, every type of family problem, and we, through the spirit of God, are able to make huge differences for these people! I can't imagine it, where would I be if I wasn't serving a mission. It really is amazing how God can take someone as bad as me, and make me into such an influence in helping the lives of others who's needs are much greater. That really is completing the doctrine of Mosiah 3:19 that basically says ''Put off the natural man and let the Atonement of Christ change you completely'' Always learning, and improving. 

To finish, this week we saw a miracle! There is a less active family that we have been teaching, Monday night when we were on the way back to the house it was about 8:40 and we never start lessons after 8:30 but we felt strongly to pass by this house to at least say hi and make sure everything was okay. We got there and only their daughter was home, we talked a minute, everything goin good and before saying bye like always we ask¨Hay algo mas que podemos hacer para ayudar¨ (something else we can do to help?  she tells us, ¨yeah we lost our dog a few days ago if you could please keep an eye out for him.¨Yeah lo maximo, so we go about our week, don't really think much about it. Thursday coming home from the district meeting, way down where the buses get off, we start walking and out of no where, we see a familiar dog approaching us. It was him! The lost dog! He recognized us and came. So we called the family and stayed with him until the mom came to get him and when they were reunited it was such a special moment! But the thing more amazing is that they came to church this Sunday and when we visited them in the night they said ¨Wow, we were so happy when our dog came back, and it made us think, how happy our Heavenly Father must be when we come back to him.¨ It was the best.

God really does guide us, the small and simple things that sometimes we dont understand at the moment, all ways have a grand purpose in the plan of God. There are miracles everywhere and we have to be alert to the whispers of the spirit . God works in mysterious ways, we need to always be humble enough to follow his will and he will bless us immensely.


Elder Lambson :)

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