Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 6, 2015

Well this week was super awesome! We are keeping strong inviting so many people to come visit us at church and taking out so many visits to come back, this week is full of visits of people that we met this week to come back and teach. The people are super open to listen, its just the fact of understanding sometimes. 

We had some awesome things that happened this week! of our recent converts from the end of May got to go to the Temple this week to be baptized for some of her ancestors!! The other awesome things was that my companion got to baptize his first convert! She shared her testimony afterwards and wow, powerful. She is going to be a true convert! It's awesome this work. It's super fun, super trying, and wow super worth it. I have grown so much spiritually and am learning such amazing things that I am applying every day. Very humbling as well. All around, unbelievable. God Lives.

1 year in the mission! 4th of July zone meeting with Elder Peterson (from Arizona) who is from my group, high fiving for one year down.

The Baptism, my companion baptized her and it was awesome. She is a true convert.


Elder Lambson :)

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