Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 24, 2015

I had a very spiritually strong experience this week. I was a little unmotivated at the end of the training with the new missionaries. I had a pretty sad thought come to mind listening to the testimonies along the lines of, everything is the same... every body says "I know that the church is true, I know Jesus lives etc." And I was there thinking, how do they really know, what is it that makes us say the same stuff all the time, is it just because its what we always hear? I left with this doubt, I never lost the motivation to work, but I did have this small aching. Later that day, we found our selves with a young man from our ward who had recently had an argument with his mom, she had ended up slapping him and he was a little depressed and confused. We found out that it was because he was having some problems with his girlfriend and lots of stuff going on. We understood the point of view from the mom and saw the need to help the young man. We sat down with him out front of his house and taught him a little bit of For the Strength of Youth, we expressed the love that God has for him and that his mom has for him. More than anything how he could be able to repent and humble him self to realize the worry his mom has for him. We felt the spirit really touch his heart, and afterwards, when we saw him and his mom hugging and crying, I received the answer I needed. Its true, the Gospel is and always will be the same... but it is EXACTLY what these people need in their lives. Its exactly what everyone needs in their lives! A lot of the time we can lose the value of something so amazing because we are just so used to it, but seeing the way that it really was able to change a family like that, made me remember so many other amazing experiences, and really realize the amazing simplicity. It is so simple. Yet, so beautifully amazing. I now have a renewed and revived testimony, and I know that it is all so true.

So we went to the temple this week with the family Onofre, who I told you about. We were able to reactivate the Mom and her son and her daughter who is now a recent convert. We got to go to the temple with them this week it was so cool! They were able to do some family history and do their work for the dead. It was an awesome experience. Something super cool too is that a couple from Campoy (my first ward) got sealed that same day so I saw so many people from Campoy! It was the best! :) They all told me that they could actually understand me now :)

Two marriages will happen :)  this week, and then N & E on the 6th of sept. Its such a miracle! Two of the 4 couples is great considering how hard it is for the people to get married here in Peru.

Everything is going super well with me and my companion. We have 3 months together, he is now done with his training, we will know the transfers today.

Love you so much! Have an amazing week and keep choosing the right!!


Elder Lambson :)

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