Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 7, 2015

Transfers. I'm in Chosica!! I basically went from the desert to the jungle!! Haha its the furthest zone from the mission and its all green! My new companion is Colombian! His name is Elder Montoya,

I love the new Ward. I'm the District Leader here, something funny that I've realized, I have always been the youngest of every District that I'm the District Leader, sometimes with more time in the mission than others, but always the youngest in age haha. The new Ward is sweet! But before I tell you about this Ward I want to tell you about the good news that happened in my last ward! J and C were married! And so were N and E!   Two 11 year olds that we were teaching got baptized on Saturday. N is getting baptized this Saturday and there are just a few more things to get done before two others can get baptized here soon also!
The new Ward is super sweet! The leaders are all super on top of things and our Ward Mission Leader is the best!! He is a cousin to someone from my old ward who was baptized in May, so It was cool to have that connection and we are getting along great and working hard. 

My comp is awesome too! Like I said he is really chill and wow we are working hard! There are 2 investigators on track for baptism the 26th of Sept. And another for the 3rd of October. We are having Ward mission night every Thursday and we are teaching english classes every friday! At least 20 people come to each activity, members and non members.  Our Investigator is super cool, he is 22 and he loves the church and the english classes and he is bringing a bunch of friends. Haha he put pictures of us teaching on face book and said "come to the english classes every Friday at 7 with North American professors. It's in the Mormon church, they don't force you to be Mormon (but you can be if you want). Come learn english completely free!" hahahaha. 

I'm loving the work, we are teaching hard and wow super exhausted but super happy. This is the steepest area I've had haha, literally all stairs, at least my other areas have had a little bit of flat, or just hills, but here is is literally all stairs at just a tad bit less than a 90 degree angle. Just a tad bit haha. But its worth it. It builds character haha. There are some awesome recent convert families here that we are helping get to the temple and endure to the end. Also something cool here is that they let us eat with the members for lunch and dinner on sunday, so its super fun and we are knowing a lot more families.

The work is awesome, my testimony is growing so much and I know what the principles are that I am going to base my whole life upon. The family is the most important unit in the whole universe and it literally is established by God. No one can truly know our Heavenly Father with out doing His will, no man can love a Master who he does not serve. Read the scriptures to know God's plan, pray to him to know his will, and act upon the impressions that he sends to you through his holy spirit. This is the great and simple answer. Follow the impressions of the Spirit and grow closer to our Father in Heaven every day! I love you soo soo much! Have an amazing week!

Kiel asked me to send him the Ear Candles - I asked him if he received them. This is what he sent me to let me know, Yes he received them....


Elder Lambson :)

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