Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

To answer your question (mom).....On a scale of 1 to 10 how do I feel today. 10! I feel great! Seriously. The doctor told me that I should be up and walking (with out a back pack of course) but walking everyday. The same day I got out of the hospital we were already out and teaching that afternoon. I was hurting, and really sore, but although my body hurt, my radiant smile was still working. :) haha it was tough going in the buses an stuff but I was able to trust in the Lord and I know he has been strengthening me. There are people going through worse and Im grateful for the blessing to brighten up their days. We had an amazing week! Although we lost some working time due to the hospital, interviews with president, and stake conference, we were still able to contact 79 people, teach 24 lessons, and find 10 new investigators this week!

Picture is of my last day there in Moyopampa. 
We had a little family night there in the church to say goodbye. What we did in the week was all that I had told you the week before that we were going to do. Christmas party as a mission, we went to a buffet, and had a talent show, then watched a new movie Big Heros. Then we had dinner with a family Christmas Eve and Christmas night (because the pension left haha) it all turned out awesome and beautiful. We had the lunch as a zone and we had the baptisms! Then christmas night we watched the fire works go off at midnight (they light fire works here on christmas and new years) and after that we opened some presents. We got the transfers on Monday morning, we printed off some pictures to give out to families and packed, and yeah it all went great.

With my trainer E Balderrama, the new Assistant, Me new zone leader, and new district leader



Elder Lambson :)

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