Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 25, 2016

Well I decided to write you a little earlier this week because last week I tried at the very end and I wasn't able to say everything that I had wanted haha. So it was a great week!! As you may have seen, we had Pday Tuesday because we went to the temple :) I think I told you that already haha. I love it, the temple is amazing! On Wednesday we had a world wide training for all of the missionaries in the world (I guess thats what world wide means right) haha. It was awesome! The main focus was to teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. The greatest blessing that we receive from the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the privilege to repent and be cleansed of our sins.

My companion and I had a very eye opening experience this week as we walked home from dinner at the pension we had to walk through a huge party that was going on in the street. It was a wall of smoke, cartons of beer everywhere, and no one respected each others bodies as they should. It was such a dark scene, and we felt the complete absence of the spirit as we passed by. Something that Elder Bednar taught us when he came to our mission was that we should be able to see the difference of good and bad as clearly as black and white, as clearly as night and day. He said that we should feel absolutely despised to the sight of sin. I never want to feel anything like that again in my life. It is part of my responsibility to teach this great gospel so that one can fully make a change of heart. The world is flooded in sin of all kinds, and if someone doesn't know who our savior is, they're going to drown. The Prophet Alma teaches us that "Wickedness never was happiness" the only escape from this great error is find faith in our redeemer Jesus Christ, truly repent of the wrong doings that we have done, and be cleansed by baptism and the holy ghost. Then with a renewed life we continue enduring to the end and never looking back. "Today is the day of our repentance, we can not wait until the last moment thinking we will be able to make the great change in our final day." If not now then when?

This is a gospel of HAPPINESS! Haha I feel so good :) I love serving and helping others know these amazing amazing truths. I couldn't imagine my life any different. A smile is contagious. Haha I have literally lost all shyness, and embarrassment that I used to have. I can smile and talk to what ever person I meet, and it is so awesome to see them feel even a little bit of what I can feel. Be happy! A smile is worth a thousand words.


Elder Lambson :)

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