Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hi - I hope that everything is going well in the Ward and with your jobs and school. I miss you and I can't wait to see you all again. The people here are super cool. We don't have any baptisms yet but we are getting good numbers in the church and have investigators progressing. The ward here is super cool and they work well with the missionaries.

That sounds fun that you got to have a crazy moms convention haha (SCHS Class of 2014 Missionary Mommas) hope that is going well. 

Did I tell you that some times we listen to Alex Boye? It reminds me of home every Sunday morning haha. It is so weird to think how long that I've been gone, 3 months already. Like I was just barely in NZ and then home for a few weeks now here. I had a great high school run and now I'm here with the people of Peru. Its all so weird to think about. Everything is just a memory, if you think about it, right now you are living in a memory, how weird is that.  Time is one of the weirdest things, seems like it goes faster every year. I will be home before I know it and this will all be a memory. That is why I need to work as hard as I can to bring the people this gospel because it gives our time here worth. We are here to prepare to meet God and every day we learn and progress. I'm so glad for my life and for you guys and for all of my experiences and memories. I dont know just some weird thoughts.

Cool things this week.
-I went to Interpol (I thought Interpol was only in James Bond movies) and I will be a temporary citizen of P pretty soon.
-I can understand almost everything when we are talking with people now. Learning everyday.
-There are 30 different coins to collect here, they have a different one for each region of the country (like the 50 quarters) so its fun when I find those, its hard though, people are really stingy with money like they won't give shiny ones away for change they give you the dirty ones.
-There is a cool mountain region in our area with a bunch of houses up on this hill side and there are some switch backs that reminded me of Hava Su Pai.
-The "snakes" are real haha - Dave knows what I'm talking about
-And one of the most exciting things, I saw a cock fight! Chickens with razors attached to their feet. It was legit.

Any way, I love you guys and I miss you a ton. Spanish is a crazy language and its cool to learn. This gospel is awesome and I'm super happy to be a missionary at this time in my life. You guys are awesome and I hope you are happy. Take advantage of being in America. I love you so much! Choose the right!

Elder Lambson

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