Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014

I need to preface Elder Lambson's letter by saying - I asked him 17 (yes seventeen) questions in my email to him this week. Hey, a Mom's got to have some details.
Here's his reply...

Wow holy questions haha. Okay I will do my best. I still have not received packages from you or grandpa. But I did get one letter from you with the pictures of the kayak.

You don't need to resend the things you sent to the Mexico CCM, I think they will send it with the new Missionaries in a week in the next transfer.

The families that we are teaching are awesome! Some are progressing more than others but its all going in the right direction. No baptisims still but we have rescued 3 or 4 less actives! One of the guys name is JB, he is so cool! He owns a tienda and we got him to stop selling cigarettes and opening up on sundays.

Hermano Hector and his wife Margot are the best, they are our Pensionista. He gives us 3 rolls with cheese and ham every morning for break fast, and Margot cooks an awesome meal every day for lunch (lunch is the main meal here) and it usually consists of rice and some sort of chicken dish with soup too, and then for dinner we usually get this really good yogurt drink with cereal! They have Pensionistas for all of the Missionaries here who cook for us and do our laundry. We go to their house for every meal and visit with them and eat.

The little kids are awesome! There is a little guy named C who is J's nephew and he loves when we teach lessons he always sits next to us and always hugs us and plays with us.

Usually our main means of transportation is walking, with an occasional bus or moto taxi if we feel like it.

The living conditions are very poor. "Poverty" in the United states, is luxuary compared to here. People don't know how good they have it to be blessed enough to live in the United States. It's such a difference in life style.

I'm so happy things are going great for you I hope you're all happy and having fun. I love you and I am so grateful for all of your help and love! Tell Kelly and Rachel and all of my other friends who I don't have the ability to tell right now that I love them and miss them. I'm so grateful for all of my amazing memories because honestly in the end all we have are our memories and the results of the choices we have made.

Thank you so much for raising me as best as you could, you are an amazing mother, I love you so much. Have a great week I will talk to you soon!


Elder Lambson

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