Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

I hate to admit that I (Kaleen, Kiel's mom) have been listening to the following song (for weeks) and crying, but getting Kiel's letter today made "all this" worth it.  Elder Lambson baptized a young mother this past week.  The change the Gospel will make in her life will be forever!  I guess I can handle Two Years without my boy!   

Two Years by Carli Barlow

Guess what.... I had my first Baptism this week!!! And we gave JB the Priesthood!! Some of the coolest experiences ever! We baptized a girl who is 20 years old named C and she has a 3 year old and a 6 month old who is the cutest little baby ever and she loves me. Whenever we are in lessons or at Church and the baby (Luana) is crying I look at her and she immediately stops and smiles. We also baptized her little brother A who is 9 and he is the sweetest little 9 year old ever. I baptized C and my comp baptized A. It was soo amazing. I am enjoying it here, it is so awesome. 

There were transfers last week and in my Zone, my Comp and I were the only ones that didn't change. And for a great reason. There were some big problems in C's family a few days before we were to baptize them and we were able to help them solve the problems. They are baptized now and it is so awesome the change in there lives. Also we met some new families and other awesome people who want to listen to us this week. I know we both stayed for a reason. One of the Zone Leaders transferred and now we have a new guy in our house Elder Gutierez from Las Vegas. He is super cool! 

I love this, it is so fun to meet so many new Missionaries and make friends and the people we meet and teach. I have met so many awesome people! I love you Mom and I miss you guys but I am loving it here too this is so great and I know I'm here for a specific reason.

Elder Lambson answering our questions in our letter:

I got all of your letters that were at the CCM this week and the Jacket! So awesome!!! I love it and all the notes in the pockets and the world map coin.  Thank you so much! Getting letters is one of the coolest things.

The time goes crazy fast. Every day feels like a week but every week feels like a day. I have already been in the field for more time than I was in the CCM. Cool that Kelly and Rachel are at the house, Go Cougs and Utes. Parker's biking thing sounds cool. The Chargers are going to win the Super Bowl the year I'm not home haha.

Church music is the best! You should look up BYU Vocal point. It is sooo good.

October 5th is coming - Happy birthday Dave!!! And happy resurrection Alex!! Happy birthday mom!! 27 right?

The little kids love candies and chocolates! They love all sweets here! Will you send me some that I can give out at Christmas.

Can't wait for General Conference! Its going to be cool, understanding it in two different languages! I love all of our General Conference memories and now it means so much more to me!! Love you and enjoy! Also there are some awesome Mormon messages that are new. Watch the one with D Todd Christofferson and scriptures.

Love you have a great week!

Elder Lambson :)

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  1. So love these cool messages!!! Lots of love to Dave's family and Kiel for all the awesome work he is doing!